17 August, 2009

we think they're funny

i think yesterday was "my pets do funny things day"

our kitty lily was hilarious yesterday.

all she wanted to do was play.

i caught a video of her on the windowsill trying to get the cord for the blinds.

if you get bored with watching videos of cats, i'll tell you now - the funniest part is in the beginning when she straddles the desk.

but at the end you get to hear her cute little tiny meow.

if you watch the first 10 seconds and the last 15 seconds, you pretty much get the gist of her cuteness.

we love our little lilliputian kitty.

and buttercup was pretty hilarious yesterday too.

her videos are pretty short.

here she is eating corn on the cob (the song has nothing to do with the video - i just couldn't bear for anyone to hear all the special "butter voices" everyone was using while she ate. plus i just like this song.)

and her she is getting the highest score in a round of farkle.

okay, that's enough! i should really stop boring you with cute pet videos.

sheesh, what am i gonna be like with babies?!?!?


  1. Soooo cute!!!
    I am freaked about giving our dog corn (on the cob) our idiot neighbours gave our old airedale one for some reason and he ended up swallowing it and getting it suck in his small intestine :S (the vet saved him though yeahh!!!)

    You have gorgeous pets!!! xxx

  2. Hahaha! That song with Butter is AWESOME.

  3. Ahah yes my dog loves watermelon!! She also has a bit of an obsession with stealing bananas, biting of the end and sucking the fruit haha.

    Terriers are most definitely the best!! My mum grew up with wire hair fox terriers ♥
    Have a fabulous day lovely!

  4. ha ha! so cute!

    I was just watching one of our cats last night playing and I said to my husband. "it looks so fun to be chloe". she just flops around playing all day. she's such a spaz!

  5. I just barely discovered this song by the beatles. I LOVE IT! It just makes you want to go crazy doesn't it ?

  6. oh goodness i could post millions of cute pet videos! haha i love them, they are my favorite. yours are too adorable. i wanted you to know that im starting a little project at my site..nothing crazy but just for fun! i love your story with levi and i'd love if you'd share it wish us! check it out if you have time :) no rush just wanted to put a bug in yoru ear! have a wonderful day love :)

  7. Awww!!! Your cat looks exactly like mine did when he little!!! Oh, that is so cute. It totally made me miss my cat.

  8. ohmigosh!

    i love kitties sooo much and she is absolutely perfect!

  9. Very Curious, your cat is. That video made me jelouse, it looks so warm outside, and Im cold.

  10. oh that is so CUTE! I am dying to get a puppy and this is making me want one more!

  11. so so so sweet! my dog *is* the center of our universe, so i know how you feel. animals are amazing. AMAZING.

  12. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! how freaking adorable! arent cats so funny? they have such personalities! i posted today about my cats. so funny!

  13. A total cutness overload, but i want more! ANd, great choice of song!!

  14. HAHAH! (: these are greeaaat! I really wish aramis and lily could meet, they'd be such friends! Just yesterday I took a video of aramis trying to catch a blob of light (:, might just put it up today!xxo

  15. so cute! your cat is such a beauty! =)

  16. kitty kitty cuteness!

    (and such pretty eyes!)

  17. cute pet videos never get old!


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