07 August, 2009

i'm a sandal girl...

...so yesterday when i saw an adorable girl walking around trader joe's in these,

i had to ask her where she got them.

her reply: "my dad makes them."

ummmm, how cool is that?!?

it turns out her dad is the sandalman and has a shop in newport beach.

you can't buy the sandals online (this particular style is new so it's not even on the website yet), but i told her about etsy so maybe that'll change?

but if you're in newport beach or plan on going to the fair this weekend (it got extended!!), you can buy them there!

i want some.


  1. umm that's amazing.
    and i heart trader joe's. the end.

  2. Those ARE awesome! Hopefully she'll get an Etsy shop goin' then, and I can buy some. :)

  3. Oh, those are so adorable! Tres chic. Hopefully they will be on etsy-- that would make your day, huh? :)

    Be sure and pop by & leave a note and follow!


  4. the fair is still going on this weekend?!! ob yay, maybe we can go!

    those are the cutest!

  5. Amen! There's only a handful of days I go out where something besides my Reefs.

  6. Oh man do I love those! I like the heart! I hope she gets Etsy! :)

  7. Those are super-cute, and it's incredible that her dad makes them! Lucky lucky girl. :)

  8. oh wow! i love those sandals! i wish my dad could make me cute shoes!


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