25 August, 2009

another one

levi's dad emailed me more photos of levi as a little one.

this is my current favorite (until he sends me more super cute photos!):

he still does this at dinnertime! he hasn't changed one bit. ;)

he was such a cute little chunk. makes me wanna give him a cuddle.


  1. so so cute. i love chubby toddlers :)

  2. hahah awwwwwww! lovin the overalls. and that expression!

  3. Adorable. Joe & I recently went over a couple of our baby photo albums and I realized that I was a much better looking babe than he haha.

  4. How cute! Oh my gosh. It's so funny to look at photos of people you only know as adults and try to see the adult in the little child.

    I like to do that with old people, too. try to imagine what they looked like when they were younger...

  5. hahaha tot-a-litter.

    gotta love dad.


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