28 August, 2009


in the last month, i've been told not once but twice, by fellow bloggers, that i look like jessie the cowgirl from toy story 2.

i think this is absolutely hilarious.

so i google imaged her to see if i agreed.

when levi and i looked at these pictures, we started laughing because i really do kind of look like her (especially in the last two pictures - that is soooo me).

so yeah, i guess i look like a cartoon character.

what's the strangest comparison you've ever gotten on your appearance?


  1. hahahahahah! i love it. you really do- especially in those pics when you look super excited ;)

    i get the most random list of actresses, julia stiles, malin akerman, cameron diaz, kirsten dunst... basically anyone and everyone.

  2. lindsey lohan.

    um hi. i have an athletic build, normal/smaller chest, def not anorexic looking. or a redhead.

    i've gotten this from 2 different random girls at different parties on different nights... and an uncle.

    but yes- i see the you/jessie similarities. too cute!

  3. haha thats so awesome, you really do! good thing she's adorable!! :)

  4. Haha. I hadn't noticed until you posted these images, but you really do! :)

    I don't really know what I've been compared to...

  5. Morticia Adams.

    At the time I thought it was cool. Now I'm not so sure ;)

  6. That's absolutely hysterical! I never noticed.

    The only time I've ever been told I look like anyone is when a guy who used to come into the gas station where I used to work told me every time he came in that I looked like some computer geek guy from the La Femme Nikita TV show. And I think maybe my brother once told me I looked a little like Tom Cruise when I parted my hair on the other side....

    But I used to go to school with a kid who looked exactly like Disney's Aladdin...and it took me several semesters to figure out why I thought I knew him from somewhere.

  7. hahaha. You DO look like her.
    Let's see..
    my husband swears up and down that I look like Lori Petty, from Tank Girl and Point Break fame.
    And when growing up, everyone thought
    I looked like Becky (Lecy Goranson)
    from Roseanne. What?!?!

  8. That if I were an insect I'd be a praying mantis. Gee-thanks. Let's be bff's.

  9. oh my gosh, that's so cute, you totally do look like her!

  10. at least you get compared to something cute! once my grandmother came over when my sis and i were watching a dvd, evidently she thinks i look like napoleon dynamite...

  11. I got told I look like Cleopatra... more than once... because of the bangs. Haha.

  12. Oh and... I got told I look like Keira Knightly and people used to call me Miss Swan.

  13. you totally do!!! i love it!!
    ducky on land before time is my comparison
    i think it is my high pitched voice...

  14. I usually get Drew Barrymore but the strange one I received was Dora the Explorer when I cut my hair like Lousie Brooks.

  15. A photographer once told me I look like Debbie Gibson's "naughty twin sister". I guess whether or not that's a compliment depends on if he meant Tiger Beat Debbie or Playboy Debbie. Lol!

  16. That is hilarious! Because you kind of do look like her and because I blogged about something so similar this week! Check it out, 3 co workers said I look like Lada Gaga! I think I would have taken the cartoon character.....

  17. OK! I saw a picture of an an t.v programme called The Gummie Bears while I was blog surfing the other day and the picture of the girl (she's yellow) TOTALLY looks like you...google it :)

  18. oh, and I wonce was told i look like peppermint patty..I have no idea why, I don't see it.

  19. I told you ahahahaha! I'm glad you checked her out!
    Strange comparisons... hmmm. Around 7 people told me I look like Amanda Bynes which I find ridiculous. And my friend once said I looked like an olive.

    Seriously, how does one even achieve looking like an olive?

    I am one talented girl, I surprise myself everyday.

  20. People tell me I look like Bjork A LOT. Like, a crazy amount.

  21. haha, thats so cute! i love her character!

    i get zooey deschanel ever since 500 days of summer came out. its just my hair cut, its a very superficial comparison.

  22. so last night was a big "maggie gyllenhaal debate" and i kept thinking of this post.

    i also have gotten kelly clarkson, katie holmes, mandy moore, and amanda bynes. . .

  23. I haven't heard it for a while, but when I was in my early 20's people said I looked like a Japanimation character. I heard it a lot. Like daily.


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