19 April, 2012

For the Love of Seersucker

I've always had a soft spot for anything seersucker (I'm a sucker for seersucker... no? You're right - too cheesy). I remember my very first independent seersucker purchase - a pink and white bikini from J. Crew when I was a teenager.

Here are a few things I'm loving right now:


This bikini from Anthropologie is so sweet!

seersucker jcrew skirt

I love this pencil skirt from J. Crew, especially with that pretty silk top.

seersucker soludos espadrille

These were my first pair of Soludos espadrilles. I got them back in September and wear them constantly. Soludos makes the bessssst espadrilles. I highly recommend them!

All this seersucker kinda gets you in the mood for summer, doesn't it? :)

17 April, 2012


It's always a little weird when your husband walks in and says, "Hey, watch this. This guy reminds me of you." :\

But, in this case, he's totally right. I'm just like the kayak guy in this American Express commercial.

And Levi is like the salesman... the guy who nods and says, "Oookay."

13 April, 2012

Today is for...

...snuggling under blankets.
...flipping through magazines.

photo 1

...singing along with Feist.


...listening to thunder and intermittent rain.

photo 2

...enjoying my pretty white ranunculus.


12 April, 2012

Easter Wolfie

Wolfie was his usual adorable self on Easter. He and I were the only two to compete in an Easter egg hunt at my mom's on Sunday - the oldest and the youngest. It seemed appropriate. I'm probably the only person who would compete against a 9-month old baby... but I really like Easter egg hunts!!

Here he is reciting Hamlet to his Loppy.

loppy and wolfie

And here is he in a sugar coma on my lap with his loot surrounding him.

sleepy wolfie 1

sleepy wolfie 2

Jusssst kidding. He didn't get any candy. But he did enjoy shaking jelly-bean-filled eggs!

11 April, 2012


The spring issue of The Violet is live!

the violet cover

Go! Read! And enjoy! It's a really great issue.

09 April, 2012

The Secret of Moonacre

If you haven't already seen The Secret of Moonacre, stop whatever you're doing right now and watch it on Netflix. GO!!


the secret of moonacre 2

the secret of moonacre

I loooooved it. The second it was over, I went to Amazon and ordered the book it was based on (The Little White Horse). I love good children's films and literature. They make me happy.

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