28 January, 2013

Three Months


Cecily turned three months old last week!

We didn't do anything to celebrate because she was wiped out all day. She even took a two and a half hour nap on my chest in the bedroom... I didn't think she'd sleep that long. Ha!

At Cecily's last doctor's appointment (on 10 January), she weighed 13 pounds 1 ounce and measured at 24.5 inches long. Her height was in the 95th percentile, weight was in the 70th percentile, and head was in the 50th percentile (as usual).

Cecily sleeps nine hours each night. She usually goes to bed around 11:00 p.m., wakes up around 8:00 a.m., eats, and takes a 1-3 hour nap around 9:00 a.m. (oh, how I wish that nap was more consistent!). She's starting to sleep less during the day now (still frequently but for shorter chunks). Her daytime naps are sometimes only 30 minutes long (ugh), but she has gotten a lot better at putting herself to sleep during the day. She's still awesome at falling asleep on her own at bedtime. She's still sleeping swaddled, but we'll probably start weaning her from the swaddle soon. I'm dreading this, but I'm really paranoid about her learning to roll over while she's swaddled and sleeping (sooooo unlikely, I know).

At three months, Cecily:

• laughs in her sleep.

• HATES hats but doesn't mind headbands.

• has started smiling at and noticing herself in the mirror.

• is getting better at holding her head up but still isn't quite there yet.

• rocks back and forth on her back.

• smiles A LOT.

• talks all the time and mimics us.

• loves when we talk to her and especially loves when Momma speaks her "language."

• works on sucking her thumb constantly. She gets it in there frequently but doesn't like when I try to help her. I think she'll be a true thumbsucker next month.

• is starting to drool a lot. Boooo! I don't like bibs.

• is looking like she will definitely have blue eyes (yay for Momma's genes!).

• still likes hanging out on her changing pad on the bed. She loves to stare at the ceiling fan.

• loves playing on her activity mat.

• has started screaming. In her sleep. When she's mad. When she's really hungry and I switch sides while nursing.

• is pretty great at going out with us and doesn't mind spending all day out of the house, which is a requirement for being my child. ;) This girl spends lots of time at coffee shops and likes to sit on my lap now when we're having coffee.

• is frequently referred to as my "twin." I don't see it, but I love hearing it!

• shakes her head back and forth when she's tired.

• has the most heartbreaking pouty face. Her lower lip trembles, and she sticks it out right before she starts crying. It breaks Momma's heart but makes Daddy laugh.

Cecily's nicknames at three months 
(in addition to last months, which are all still in the rotation):

• princess
• s'muffin
• bunny
• honey toast

27 January, 2013



"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2013."

Cecily: 14 weeks. A rainy Saturday at home. I love her lips and nostrils and her constantly leaky left eye and her super long, very blonde, very fine eyelashes. She's my best.

I took this one in manual mode. Last week's was shot in program mode. I wanted to capture how blue and light her eyes are getting, but I liked the moody feeling of this one better... plus, by the time I got my settings down, Silly was over it and, therefore, screaming. ;)

20 January, 2013



"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2013."

Cecily: 13 weeks (three months old today!). Always such a happy girl after her morning nap. Her hands and feet are always a blur because she never stops moving.

P.S. I took this on my Nikon! It's not perfect, but I'm finally starting to figure this camera out a bit. The light in our house isn't great so I'm going to make more of an effort to photograph her while we're out this week. Yay for learning! :)

17 January, 2013

I like pretty things.

I love putting headbands on Cecily. She just looks so darn cute in them!! But I'm kind of picky about her headbands. I don't like anything too big... 'cause she's not big. She's little. There are some really cute headbands out there that are on the smaller side but not a lot. So I started making my own!

And it just so happens that I really like making them, so, with some encouragement from my Instagram friends, I decided to put some in my Etsy shop!



Check them out (and buy one for your sweet little girl) here!

13 January, 2013



"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2013."

Cecily: 12 weeks. Such a beautiful sleeper... the noises she makes are less dainty though. Grunts, snorts, squeals, and even screams. My little wolverine. ;)

11 January, 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas

Same story as my Christmas day post... this one is being written on 11 July 2013.

This was the first year we celebrated the 12 days of Christmas. I actually didn't even know that the first day of Christmas was on Christmas Day until this year... and I actually didn't learn that until 26 December while we were in the car headed down to Costa Mesa for lunch. So I declared that we should celebrate the 12 days of Christmas this year and that we should start our second day of Christmas celebration with lunch! After clarifying to Levi that I believe anything can be a celebration, he agreed. So that's how our new tradition of celebrating the days of Christmas came to be. I think it's great. There's so much buildup and anticipation leading up to Christmas Day, but then it's just all over! We really like the idea of celebrating Christ's birth for more than one day and turning it into a 12-day "feast." That's how things used to be celebrated. With really really long feasts. So this is how we feasted.

On the second day of Christmas, we had a very late lunch at Pandor while Cecily slept and coffee at Kean with Cecily awake:

christmas 2nd day

2nd day 2

2nd day 4

2nd day 1
^^ our delicious croque madame ^^

We felt like we were on a date since Silly slept the whole time so we decided to take a photo of just the two of us. Except:

Ha! Got it right the next time:

2nd day 3

2nd day 5
^^ decaf macchiatos and a shared oatmeal raisin cookie ^^

2nd day 6
^^ cheers! ^^

2nd day 7

And at home, Cecily watched White Christmas with me for the first time. She loved all the singing and dancing. :)

2nd day 8

On the third day of Christmas, we went to the wine bar with my mom and Hugh:

christmas 3rd day 1

christmas 3rd day 2

christmas 3rd day 3
^^ nothing like a baby in a wine bar! ^^

On the fourth day of Christmas, our new baby carrier arrived in the mail so we went for a walk:

christmas 4th day 4

christmas 4th day 2

christmas 4th day 1
^^ cecily tried out her piggie hat that her daddy picked out for her while i was pregnant... she hated it until she got outside and realized how cold it was and then promptly fell asleep because her carrier is so comfortable and awesome ^^

On our walk, we passed by Nick's, a new restaurant on 2nd that we hadn't tried yet. We were hungry so we decided to have some dinner! And I got a virgin mojito. Yum.

christmas 4th day 5
^^ we sat at the bar, which all the other bar patrons looooved. they kept coming by to peek at silly. ^^

Also, this is how I spent the beginning of the fourth day (after baking cookies and taking care of Cecily while Levi worked). So tired.

3rd day

After dinner, Cecily got a bath and snuggled with Daddy:

4th day

And then Levi and I enjoyed the AMAZING cardamom crescents I baked with some chamomile tea.

4th day 2
^^ they were so good, i promptly baked another batch when this one ran out. ^^

On the fifth day of Christmas, we had sugar cookies and macchiatos at Kean (I was in a very cookie place in my life at this point):

christmas day 5

On the sixth day of Christmas, we had our annual Outback Steakhouse family dinner. My dad sends us a gift card to there from Hawaii and some pictures of himself on little stands. We all go out to dinner (my mom, her boyfriend, my brother, sister, s-i-l, us, and the babies) and set up the pictures of him in the middle of the table. He treats us to dinner, and then we call him at the table when we're done eating. :)

On the seventh day of Christmas, we had more sugar cookies at Kean (it's a problem):

7th day NYE 1

And rang in the New Year on the couch with champagne that I said tasted like fish and Levi said tasted like cigarette smoke:

7th day NYE 3

7th day NYE 2

On the eighth day of Christmas... I don't remember, but I did make headbands!

8th day

On the ninth day of Christmas, I read Samantha's Surprise to Cecily. She loved it. Because she's my girl and she's awesome like that.

9th day

And on the 10th, 11th, and 12th days of Christmas... I just don't remember because I don't have pictures or notes in my calendar! :( But it's safe to guess that we spent all three days at Kean feasting on macchiatos and SusieCakes sugar cookies. ;)

So that was our first go at celebrating the twelve days of Christmas! I'm really excited to create some activities and ways to celebrate Christ as a family as Cecily gets older.

10 January, 2013

Christmas Morning and Christmas Day

Okay... I am writing this on 10 July 2013... :\

This was our first year celebrating the twelve days of Christmas (Christmas day is the first day of Christmas), so I got lost in all the photos and overwhelmed by how I was going to break it up. I've been so worried that I would forget everything, but I have a pretty good memory so let's see what we've got here!

Cecily woke up Christmas morning, and instead of doing our typical cuddle in bed for a bit until Cecily falls back asleep, we all got up to go open the presents underneath our Christmas tree! We didn't do stockings this year because I never ended up finding one special enough for Cecily. I really want her to have the same stocking throughout her childhood so it needs to be REALLY good.

^^ walking out to the tree. smile, silly! ^^



We each only got one present this Christmas. It was really fun helping Cecily unwrap her present!



^^ you got me a box? ^^

^^ what is this thing?? ^^

^^ oh cool. it's a fisher price rainforest activity mat! ^^




c's present
^^ i love it! thanks, momma & daddy! ^^

Levi said he felt like such a dad failure because he didn't get batteries for her activity mat. Haha! We got some later in the day and showed Cecily the lights and music. The music and response modes are a little overwhelming to her, but she loves the mellow light on the nature sound setting. I really love the nature sounds too. They're so relaxing and happy!

Then it was our turn for presents! We upgraded our falling-apart iPhones in the beginning of December, but we still wanted to give each other something on Christmas morning so we wrapped the boxes up!

giving presents

opening presents


After presents, we ate this really yummy buttermilk cranberry breakfast cake that Levi made. He prepared the batter the night before from scratch, and we had it fresh out of the oven in the morning. So good. I'm pretty sure it's going to have to become a Myers Christmas morning tradition.

Around lunchtime, we made our way over to my brother's house for Christmas lunch! Cecily fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep in her car seat in the house so we enjoyed our lunch in peace. We had the most delicious French dip sandwiches au jus with twice stuffed potatoes. I could eat that meal once a week. The best.


She also stayed asleep while we opened presents around her!




^^ all that snoozing was probably due to the fact that her headband was too tight... just kidding. but it was too tight; it was my first. i've learned a lot since then. ^^

Cecily got a beautiful dress, a cool ball rattle thingie, and a Baby Einsteins singing radio type thing from her Boppy Chrystal and Uncle Brov, a stuffed schnauzer we call Uli from her Boppy Ivy, and a great set of Disney princess mini board books from her Gram and Hoo. (I think she received some other gifts too... but I can't remember :\ )

Levi and I got lots of really nice presents too, including some hefty Amazon gift cards! We used them to buy the baby carrier we wanted!

christmas day
^^ our only family photo from the day, and she's still sleeping!! ^^

Eventually, Silly Snorkels woke up and hung out with us for awhile.

cecily christmas day 3

cecily christmas day 2

cecily christmas day 1

christmas lunch 5
^^ gotta love the beer bottles and victoria's secret bag behind them! ha! ^^

christmas lunch 3
^^ playing with... something? we can't remember what it was!! i'm sure it was some sort of nerf gun/flying/racing type thing. something for the boys. ^^

christmas lunch 4
^^ gram and hoo ^^

christmas lunch 1

christmas lunch 2
^^ gram reading to wolfie and boppy ivy! ^^

My grandma (Silly's great grandma! Woah!) was there too, but she's not a big a fan of having her picture taken. ;)

After all that activity, Cecily decided that she wanted nothing more than some milk and a cuddle.


And, of course, she fell asleep again!

At home that afternoon/evening, we baked some really awful cookies, ate a roast that had been cooking in red wine in the crock pot all day, watched Love Actually, and Silly fell asleep on me again. The best.

christmas snoozin

A truly wonderful first day of Christmas!

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