17 January, 2013

I like pretty things.

I love putting headbands on Cecily. She just looks so darn cute in them!! But I'm kind of picky about her headbands. I don't like anything too big... 'cause she's not big. She's little. There are some really cute headbands out there that are on the smaller side but not a lot. So I started making my own!

And it just so happens that I really like making them, so, with some encouragement from my Instagram friends, I decided to put some in my Etsy shop!



Check them out (and buy one for your sweet little girl) here!


  1. How stinking cute!! I wish I had a little baby in my life to buy these for (time to pester my brother and sister-in-law again, perhaps?)

  2. Before I knew you made them, I was actually noting to myself how cute her headbands were when looking at your Instagram photos.

  3. What cute headbands, and such a cute baby to wear them!

  4. I totally agree about not using large headbands, because babies are small, they don't need a bow the size of their head. These are super cute.


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