21 December, 2015

Christmas Gift Bags

My mom is a teacher and wanted to give her colleagues some pretty little presents before winter break so she enlisted me to help. I had so much fun putting them together for her! Sometimes it's more fun to make projects for other people than it is to work on my own. Somehow it feels like less pressure... which doesn't even make sense, but the point is, this was fun! As I get older, I've decided that getting little presents is almost more fun than getting big ones. I think it's the surprise element, even if it's only a little bag of candy. It's fun to open! And if it's wrapped up all pretty? That's the best!

I bought some of my favorite candies and adorable Minnie Mouse LipSmackers and made a set of hair ties for each bag. I found some darling polka dot kraft bags at the dollar spot at Target. I wish they had had more! I probably would have bought them all!

Christmas gift bags

Christmas gift bags

Even though I have a big table, it has been so full of projects lately that I hardly have any room to work. Haha! I made quite a mess working on these bags... but I really love having supplies within reach, even if things get a little cluttered.

Christmas gift bags

I dipped into my ribbon and twine stash and put together four unique packages.

Christmas gift bags

From there, I just repeated those four designs to complete all ten presents.

Christmas gift bags

Christmas gift bags

Christmas gift bags

Christmas gift bags

Christmas gift bags

Christmas gift bags

To finish it off, I attached an embossed and stamped gift tag to the back of each gift, and there you have it! Brown paper packages tied up with string and all set to brighten some hardworking teachers' days. Thanks for taking a look at my project!


07 October, 2015

Eat Cake!

Here's a bright and cheerful birthday card I made using Dear Lizzy's Fine and Dandy collection... well, really it could be a card for anything because it's always a good time to eat cake.


I love those plastic glitter bows so much. I used one of my favorite floral stamps to make the background then layered some patterned paper, light pink vellum, and a die cut. A little bit of stitching adds some great texture.

And we can't forget the tiny bow banners! I used a tiny bow punch and glued the bows to pieces of thread before adhering them to the card.

Hopefully, this card will inspire someone special to enjoy a piece of cake on their special day. :)

Thanks for looking at my project!


10 September, 2015

Welcome Home

I haven't been feeling like making much lately because it's been so hot, but I recently ordered Maggie Holmes's flower dies and wanted to try them out. This die set is SO cool.

I need to "borrow" a prettier door and retake these photos, but hey, this is my front door... it's what I had on hand. ;)



To make this, I used an old wood wreath from Paper Source and wrapped it with washi tape. I adhered the cut flowers with some buttons and dots and added a message with my favorite Thickers everrrrr (if you have any of these and don't want them, please send them to me. Send them ALLLL to me). I attached a ribbon to the top, and voila! A new wreath for our front door! Hopefully, it survives!

Update from the end of December: this wreath is still going strong! Nothing has fallen off, and it still looks new!

Thanks for taking a peek!

10 August, 2015

June Stories Title Page

I think I may have chosen the least flattering photo ever for my June album title page. ;) 


But I don't care... it makes me happy. There's not much better than cuddling up in bed with my little family.

I used the Maggie Holmes Confetti collection from Crate Paper for this album. I love all the birthday elements... and since I'm a June baby, it's perfect for this album. That little birdie is my favorite so I wanted to make sure to feature him right at the very beginning.

Thanks for taking a look!

07 August, 2015

30 Memories Mini

My little brother turned 30 this week (!!!). When did we all get so OLD?? Ugh. He had mentioned wanting me to make him an album and I recently took Maggie Holme's mini album class at Studio Calico so I put together a little mini tag album for him.

A lot of the page designs are Maggie's from the class. I just copied her and used them as sketches with my own products since I wanted to make this a bit more masculine... it's still probably pretty feminine though... hehe! I can't help it!

Zachary's mini

I seriously love how it looks all spread out like this! One of my favorite things ever!

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

I LOVE this picture of Zachary and Chrystal dancing.

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

Putting my Fuse tool to work! I love that thing.

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

I love this photo of my brother and sister-in-law at their wedding. Feels like a billion years ago.

Zachary's mini

This was a scrap from a 12x12 sheet of paper that I cut into a tag, and for some reason, it's one of my favorite things in this album. Ha! I don't know why, but I always end up choosing the most random, simple things as my favorites in my projects.

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

Somehow I never took a picture of the front of this folder before giving the album to my brother, but you can see most of it in the photo before. Anyway, this genius little folder with a tiny photo album inside was one of Maggie's ideas. I've already used this idea twice! It's so clever! Leave it to Maggie!

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

Zachary's mini

Some photos and journaling that were tucked inside a pocket.

Zachary's mini

That is iconic Zachary right there. ;)

Zachary's mini

I had so much fun making this album for my brother and giving it to him.

Happy birthday, Brov!

27 July, 2015

A Pocket of Photos... Made From a Photo

Do you get ideas for projects when you're trying to fall asleep at night? I do... all the time. It kind of drives me crazy because it takes me so long to fall asleep. This is something Levi doesn't understand at all because he can fall asleep anywhere in two seconds once the sun has set.

Anyway, I got the idea to turn this photo of a tree in to a pocket one night when I was trying to fall asleep, and I think it looks pretty cool! This layout is about a family walk we took one afternoon at Cal State Long Beach (my alma mater). I have always loved all the gorgeous trees on campus so this layout seemed appropriate.


I used matte photo paper and printed two 6x8s of the photo. I cut one of them down (for the pocket) and stitched it onto the other, and there you go! A pocket made from a photo... to hold more photos. :) I typed the journaling onto vellum to tone down the vivid blue a little without distracting too much from the photo. I love how the wood veneer asterisks and the alpha stickers give the page a bit of a midcentury feel because there are lots of cool midcentury design elements on campus, which you can see in the photos inside the pocket.

Thank you for checking out my page!

26 July, 2015

These are a few of my favorite thiiiiings...

There's nothing like a happy list to put you in a good mood. Which is why I was pretty excited when one of my Instagram friends tagged me to share 10 things that make me happy. I liked my post so much that I decided to turn it into a spread in my June album... I like to do that... steal from my Instagram for my albums. That way, more than half the work (photo selection + journalling) is already done!

I love how this layout turned out... I keep going back to my album to admire it... haha!

blog 1
I did the title on a transparency.

blog 2
Flip flip!

blog 3
I love stamping out long passages of text. Usually there's at least a handful of mistakes along the way, but I think that adds to the charm. This is my favorite alpha stamp set. I want to get a second set for when I wear these out because I use them all the time. I also love how you can see bits of my other pages through the page protector. Layers layers layers!

blog 4

blog 5
This picture is one of my favorites. Cecily's tiny ponytail curling under. Her cute little back and shoulders. Her Piggie Piggie tucked under her right arm. And those precious cheeks left over from babyhood. I love my girl so much. :)

blog 6
I always love the reverse side of overlays with text on them. I think they it looks so cool!

Thanks for checking out my page! If you haven't already, take a peek at my March album too!

22 July, 2015

March Stories

Hello, dear blog! This year, I've been working on a little project I've been calling Monthly Stories. I create a 6x8 album for each month that tells my family's stories. I don't worry about going in chronological order. I don't worry about including something from each day. I just include the stories and memories that stand out to me, the things I think Levi, Cecily, and I will enjoy looking back on 10, 20, 50 years from now!

I took some quick shots of my March album today to share with you guys. I already shared a quick flip-through video on my Instagram, but there's just way too much in this album to fit in a small square for 15 seconds! I predominantly used Dear Lizzy's Fine and Dandy collection. I've been having lots of fun sticking to one collection with each album. It makes choosing supplies quicker, and it allows me to get my fill of the collections I love! Without further ado... this was March in the Myers household:


I include a calendar and a list of what we're currently into every month. Those little pockets are stuffed with journalling and tiny photos that go with each category.

I also include a list of Cecily's milestones, interests, pronunciations, habits, etc. I have a REALLY hard time keeping all of these one one page because I usually want to go on and on and on. This is where the question, "Do I really need to remember this?" comes in handy.


I play the dorkiest role-play games on my iPhone and think it's hilarious to include them in my albums. I know it'll make me laugh someday to look back on this.



I love how you can see through the pocket with the acetate piece. Looking through all the layers in my albums is one of my favorite things about these!





I included a tiny photo album in this little folder between a 2-page spread about Cecily walking with Mickey Mouse. I love how it turned out. I used my Fuse tool to create the pockets and stitched them to my paper with my sewing machine.



The page on the right is probably the simplest in this entire album, but it's one of my very favorites.

This spread is very layered. This is a piece of acetate with glittery alpha stickers. I love how it looks on the front and the back.

The photo of the rainbow is adhered to a piece of chipboard.

I created the little pocket of sequins with my Fuse tool, and the glassine envelope holds my journalling.

My journalling is typed on this tag that I embossed using the bow embossing folder from Fine & Dandy.

I love including large, full-size photos.

The doilies aren't part of the page on the left. I just wanted to keep that bit of journalling private.

I made the pocket on the right with a piece of vellum and my sewing machine. It holds several pages of private journalling. That little deer tag is one of my favorite things in this album! I've been saving that deer for ages. I used my sewing machine to ruffle a piece of eyelet ribbon onto a shipping tag.


I make a large pocket to include at the end of each album. They hold all the miscellaneous photos that I want to include but don't really warrant an entire spread.

I like to add a strip of typed journalling to each photo. If I have a lot to say, I include more on the back.

Thanks for checking out my March album! These have been so much fun to make, & I already treasure each & every page I've created this year. :)

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