30 March, 2012

sometimes i forget

things i really want to do right now:

go outside
go to the mall
take a walk
wear a bathing suit
eat strips on the beach
get dressed
eat a real meal
explore some tide pools
drink an ice-cold glass of framboise at a swimming pool
go to a radiohead concert at the hollywood bowl
listen to the ocean
walk around fashion island
get a piece of see's candy at south coast plaza
go out to dinner at a restaurant

in case you hadn't already guessed, i'm STILL sick and stuck in bed. why must i stay sick for sooooo long whenever i catch something?? this is getting ridiculous.

also, it looks like i'm craving summer... which is strange because summer really isn't my favorite. belmont shore seemed to kinda skip it last year though, so i'm due for some summer.

have a great weekend! please do some of the things on my list, and let me live vicariously through you!!

28 March, 2012

Oh, Anthropologie.

You slay me with your charming cuteness.

P.S. I wouldn't mind a pair of those shoes in the first shot. Not one bit.

20 March, 2012


I've been sick for the last week so I haven't really had much to blog about... nothing anyone would want to read anyway... unless you like reading lots of complaints about feeling sick and being bored and wanting to feel better. Fun stuff.

So life for the last week has consisted of lots of ginger ale, Hulu, and movies in bed (one of my favorites is Baby Boom. I've seen it a million times.). Spending all this time in my house has made even more antsy to make the changes we've been talking about around here for the last YEAR. Ugh. I hate how long it takes to get things done. I didn't really know where I was going when I started this post, but let's talk interior design now, shall we?

Our plans for the living room:

- paint it!!! We're going light pink in the living room and a slightly darker shade in the dining nook. And yes, Levi supports this idea. It won't be completely girly. We're going for more of a neutral pink than a bubblegum Barbie pink. Also, we're going to leave one wall white and accent with lots of different colors to keep it from feeling too pink. As far as paint chips go, I like these colors...


- new couch. We want this one but with chrome legs instead of wood ones. White leather may seem like a weird choice, but cat hair won't get woven into the fibers of this couch (I'm allergic to our kitties), and we can just wipe it clean! And Ikea has like a 10-year warranty on their couches. And and annnnnd it's so much smaller than our current big, ugly, clunky couch. Sold! I seriously HATE our current couch. The cushions got all squishy and crappy after less than a year. I haven't even sat on it for about a year now because it hurts my back and makes me so allergic.

- rearrange furniture. We're completely flipping the living room around. Everything is going somewhere new, and I think it's really going to open the place up a lot. I found a really incredible old dresser (circa the 1910s/1920s) a really long time ago - it was free! It just needed some work. Levi worked absolute magic on it, and it is GORGEOUS now. It's just really really large. It'll look so much better on a different wall.

- pull down shades. We don't get tons of natural light in our place (kind of a bummer, but it keeps it nice and cool for most of the summer) so I've been wanting to replace our nasty, dust-catching blinds with pull-down shades that will let in more light. I'm thinking these. Can you tell we love Ikea?


- accessories/details. We really really want to complete the living room this time. No more 50-80% finished rooms. I want my house to feel DONE and grown-up. I got this switchplate at Anthropologie last spring. It's still wrapped in paper sitting in my bedroom waiting to be used.


- new dining chairs. Our dining chairs are really clunky and big. They take up way too much space in our tiny apartment, and we'd like to downsize. I'd love to get some metal café chairs like these, but they're always at least about $100 a piece... and that's not gonna happen.

cafe chairs

We also plan on adding some new storage solutions, getting rid of a bunch of crap that takes up too much space, pulling our dining room table out of the nook so that we actually use it, and adding a pendant chandelier to the dining nook.

Ahhh, I can envision it all, and it is so fresh and clean and serene feeling. I seriously can't wait. It's just a really big undertaking, and we haven't had the money to make it all happen! Maybe writing it down on my blog will put some things into motion so we can get started sooner than later. I just feel like I need a peaceful, efficient, CLEAN living space to feel sane. Hopefully, once the house is looking the way I want it to, I'll keep it cleaner....


09 March, 2012

My March Manicure

I bought these two shades of green nail polish at Target a few weeks ago to wear in March. I think they're just right to keep from getting pinched on St. Patrick's Day... if the polish lasts that long. I already chipped my thumbs eating pistachios too soon after painting them.


I especially love the darker green shade! It's a little bit shimmery in person.

Pretty pretty!

08 March, 2012

Lunch Time!

My favorite lunch these days:

photo 4

whole-wheat English muffin pizzas with a salad of butter lettuce and champagne vinaigrette


Also, if you're looking for a really easy, delicious, healthy, cheap dinner to make, here you go:

Crock Pot Italian Chicken

2-3 organic boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1-2 packet dry Italian dressing mix (I like to use two.)
1-2 cups warm water

Stick the chicken in the crock pot. Sprinkle with Italian dressing mix. Pour over warm water until chicken is covered. Cook on low for eight hours or high for four hours.

Levi and I eat this for dinner most weeks. I like to make extra for lunches. I always serve it with Greek yogurt mashed potatoes and green beans with slivered almonds.

Greek Yogurt Mashed Potatoes

2 pounds organic Yukon gold potatoes, peeled and chopped
2/3 cup organic nonfat plain Greek yogurt (I usually add more to taste)
4 tablespoons organic lowfat or nonfat milk (I use lactose free)

Cook potatoes in boiling water for about 20 minutes until tender and cooked through. Add to a mixing bowl with yogurt and milk. Whip with a hand mixer to desired consistency. Add salt to taste.

How's that for a random post?!

07 March, 2012

So Long, Toddler Tails!

photo 15

A couple weeks ago, Levi lopped off my toddler tails, and I went back to short hair.

photo 1

photo 2

It's good to be back!!

06 March, 2012


I feel so GOOD today! Don't you just love days like that?! My mood is cheerful, I feel physically healthy, I feel AWAKE (I've been so tired for the last month or so), and the weather is amazing. It is no longer 85 degrees... YAY! It's cool. They sky is grey with patches of beautiful blue. Gorgeous, moody clouds everywhere. Perfection.

photo 1 copy
(photos taken with the jasiPhone)

While I was driving today, these were some things that made me really happy:

1. Feeling all snug and warm in my car.
2. Driving through pockets of sunshine.
3. Looking out at the inky, dark, choppy water and noticing rings of shimmering sparkles.
4. Remembering that I have seen the ocean almost every single day of my life when some people only get to see it on vacation... if at all.

Other things making me happy today:

1. I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts. It's red and covered in swans.
2. Levi shampooed my hair at the salon and gave me an extra long scalp massage.
3. Our dinner in the crock pot is making the house smell amazing.
4. The kiwi I had for breakfast.

It's just a good day.

02 March, 2012

Love in SF

While we were in San Francisco for Camilla and Damir's wedding back in December, Levi and I did a little photo shoot with Julia and Yuriy Manchik. They shot Camilla and Damir's wedding and were looking for another couple to shoot while in the city. We happily volunteered!

It was so fun to roam around our favorite city with these two.

This is one of my favorites:

by Yuriy and Julia Manchik

How cool that we have professional photos of us in our favorite city, right?! I can't wait to get some of them printed and framed!

Click here to see the rest!

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