30 March, 2012

sometimes i forget

things i really want to do right now:

go outside
go to the mall
take a walk
wear a bathing suit
eat strips on the beach
get dressed
eat a real meal
explore some tide pools
drink an ice-cold glass of framboise at a swimming pool
go to a radiohead concert at the hollywood bowl
listen to the ocean
walk around fashion island
get a piece of see's candy at south coast plaza
go out to dinner at a restaurant

in case you hadn't already guessed, i'm STILL sick and stuck in bed. why must i stay sick for sooooo long whenever i catch something?? this is getting ridiculous.

also, it looks like i'm craving summer... which is strange because summer really isn't my favorite. belmont shore seemed to kinda skip it last year though, so i'm due for some summer.

have a great weekend! please do some of the things on my list, and let me live vicariously through you!!


  1. Hope you feel better soon!!!! And get to at least accomplish something on your list.

  2. Well you will be happy to know that I accomplished
    and 14
    in the past 48 hours

  3. I was sick all of last week :( Oh I hope your get better soon!

  4. Hi Jasmine! I just came across your blog, and totally love it. I'm at school in Boston right now, but my husband and I are moving back to Belmont Shore in May. I'd love to know where you go to dance class around there...we've lived there during the past two summers and I haven't found anywhere yet.


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