09 March, 2012

My March Manicure

I bought these two shades of green nail polish at Target a few weeks ago to wear in March. I think they're just right to keep from getting pinched on St. Patrick's Day... if the polish lasts that long. I already chipped my thumbs eating pistachios too soon after painting them.


I especially love the darker green shade! It's a little bit shimmery in person.

Pretty pretty!


  1. I like the color combination! Subtle but very fun :) My mom told me once the way to keep a manicure from chipping is paint a clear coat on them every day (since the previous day's will wear off). It works pretty well, but it's crazy time-consuming.

  2. I love the colour combination of these--I bought myself a bright pink for spring but it chips so easily--sad times :(

  3. Ooh I love the green, and your ring--it's gorgeous!!!

    Green is definitely one of my most favorite colors, but I'm indecisive so I can't honestly say it's my #1 favorite! Haha, indecisive should be code for neurotic!

    Oh and I'm a huge fan of painting an accent nail. I really should paint my nails today, I have time, and polish.... hmmm...

  4. Really liking that polish, too. And I love, love, love Tar-jhay. I can't even TALK about how soon after painting my nails I chip, dent or even smear.

  5. Jasmine...these are TOO cute! I love painting my nails and I love tarjay :) (totally copping the cubiclerebel's lingo)

    hope you've been well girl!


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