02 March, 2012

Love in SF

While we were in San Francisco for Camilla and Damir's wedding back in December, Levi and I did a little photo shoot with Julia and Yuriy Manchik. They shot Camilla and Damir's wedding and were looking for another couple to shoot while in the city. We happily volunteered!

It was so fun to roam around our favorite city with these two.

This is one of my favorites:

by Yuriy and Julia Manchik

How cool that we have professional photos of us in our favorite city, right?! I can't wait to get some of them printed and framed!

Click here to see the rest!


  1. Super cute!! And your hair looks great in all those pictures (of course)

  2. love them all! great pictures! you guys look so in love and happy :)

  3. so cute! I LOVE the one in b&w with you laughing while Levi is whispering? Super stinking cute!

  4. I looked through all those the other day when you posted them on Twitter or FB and you both look wonderful! I'm so happy that you have great photos -- your kids will love them.

  5. Wow, the photo is great! Happy weekend!

  6. Just saw all the pics. They do such an amazing job capturing such beautiful and sincere moments. And anything is in San Francisco is worth taking a look at. So stunning.

  7. You both are so lovely. Great photos.

  8. The photos are amazing!!! They are all so great! It's so obvious how much you and Levi are in love :). I would love to do a photo shoot like that with my husband!


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