28 February, 2011

crazy crazy times

this weekend has been crazy. i have quite the tale to tell you later that involves driving 2 hours for a chair and snow in los angeles county. but since i take a sunday/monday weekend, i'll save that for another day.

so far, our weekend has consisted of....

coke and cupcakes for breakfast,



espresso con panna, madeleines, and dark salt caramels for dessert,



and a new chair for my office. finally!


happy monday, world!

25 February, 2011

this week.

courtesy of the jasiPhone.

photo 2

photo 2_2

photo 2_2_2

photo 1

photo 1

photo 2

photo 1

photo 1_2_2_2


photo 2

23 February, 2011

this just in...

i'm happy to report that spring is on its way.

supporting evidence:

1. levi made strawberry shortcake for breakfast on monday.



2. i have pretty ranunculus in my office nook.

they're in one of the vases i made for the wedding. this is the vase that held my bouquet!

getting dressed

i just recently discovered skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans (both should be known as the most comfortable jeans ever). i was always afraid of them before.

here's a casual outfit in my boyfriend jeans.





with poses like these, i should probably start modeling for catalogues.

cardigan: j.crew via ebay
tank: american apparel
boyfriend jeans: adriano goldschmied from anthro ($29 on sale - holler!)
shoes: circo from target (kid's section)
bandana: one of the many i steal from levi
necklace: stone&honey

22 February, 2011

somewhere in the middle

last week was difficult.

i don't really know why. nothing bad happened. i just felt unproductive and unmotivated. i didn't know how to get myself out of my funk. i almost always forget that sometimes you just have to live in the funk until it passes.

i always imagine perfection as being very "go, go, go" and high energy all the time, spending every moment of my day getting things done, feeling inspired, positive, and confident. i've always been sort of unwilling to consider that that might be an unrealistic goal...and probably a goal that wouldn't make me very happy if it was realized.

i've just never really liked the neutral, in-between moments. i'd rather be high or low, on one end of the spectrum. even though i've been on my medication and in counseling for more than a year now, i'm still learning that the middle ground is okay. it's where i should be spending most of my time.

it's just so much more fun up there on top of the world.

21 February, 2011

maybe i should grow my hair long again.

have you seen tangled??

after a crappy day full of bickering about who-knows-what & thank you card writing, levi & i went to see it at the cheap-o theatre near our house last night.

i don't think i'm exaggerating when i say that it might have changed my life.
i might be exaggerating a little.

oh my gosh, i LOVED it. LOVE!!!! i may be slightly obsessed.

when we came out of the theatre, i felt the same exact way i remember feeling when i saw the little mermaid back when i was 7. like the whole world was magical.

yep. i sound like a total geek.

i'm gonna go ahead and just put the nail in that coffin by letting you know that i'm going to see it again this afternoon with my sister at the last theatre nearby that's still showing it in 3D.


this picture may or may not be my new wallpaper on my iPhone....

18 February, 2011

oh my gosh. my husband is a dork.

levi just posted these on his facebook page.



we were both VERY excited about the release of radiohead's king of limbs today.

levi was a little extra excited though and put together his outfit to match thom yorke's in this video (which i LOVE, btw). i love you thom yorke, but my husband is definitely hotter than you.

i'd call this a happy friday.

17 February, 2011


the rains came back to southern california. it is glorious.


i'm pretty excited to have a chance to wear my rain boots. i stomp in any puddle i see... even the pathetic ones.


levi's art show last night was great!

(levi's corner)

he even sold a few drawings! including, the darling spice cake...


we need to do these things more often! they're really fun, and it's great for levi to get feedback on the work he does.

he has a TON of great new stuff right now that he hasn't put on his website yet. i'm going to start putting a shop together this week so that it's available online! holler back!

16 February, 2011

the myerses' first v-day

since we've never really acknowledged valentine's day before, we turned it into an all-day affair. we had to make up for lost time after all!

i think if i had to choose a favorite meal, it would be breakfast. maybe. or dinner. no breakfast. NO! dessert! well, don't make me choose! but i really do like breakfast A LOT, so we started our day with a delicious breakfast at pain du monde at fashion island.

(we just like that wall.)

we went all out with a macchiato AND orange juice. and we shared a chocolate croissant as our appetizer and an omelette as our entrée. it was so yummy.



(you know a chocolate croissant is good when you both have chocolate on your faces in public but carry on happily eating anyway.)

(our omelette should have been called the jasmine omelette - it had goat cheese, sun dried tomato, spinach, mushroom, basil, and avocado. delicious.)

(mmmm. baguette toast.)

after breakfast, we walked around fashion island enjoying the pretty day. we visited anthropologie (duh!) and a few other shops. then we went to the pet store to say hello to all the puppies. of course, i met a beautiful little 8 week old french bulldog puppy who i fell in love with. she was so sweet. she really wanted to come home with me. but at $2,900, it's just never gonna happen. i asked levi if we could visit the animal shelter and try to find a dog, but he said no. he sounded like he might be warming up to the idea of a dog though. we'll see. i don't want to do it unless we both want it and the timing is right.

anyway, next up was chocolate time!! we visited teuscher where we stupidly thought that we could each get a dark champagne truffle (my absolute favorite). boy, were we wrong!!! i'm sure they sold out almost immediately that morning.

it was really hilarious to see all the men in business suits frantically picking out chocolates on their lunch breaks. ohhhh, men. they crack me up.


after a little more wandering, we left fashion island and headed over to kean and SusieCakes. as soon as we walked into kean, we saw my mom and my sister!!! it was so random. we got a big table and hung out together for awhile.

levi shared a mini raspberry cheesecake with my mom and sister, and i unsuccessfully tried to eat a shot of cream cheese frosting with a spoon... it really needed the cake.



(unattractive action shot! haha!)

after saying goodbye, levi took me to my surprise of the day - gnomeo and juliet in 3d!!! i'm the total nerd who loves 3d movies. i know they're not for everyone, but i'm like a child when things pop out at me from the screen. i totally reach out and try to touch things. i love it! the movie was really cute... definitely not amazing, but it was enjoyable.


we ended our night with dinner at home - framboise in champagne flutes our neighbor gave us for our wedding and domino's cheese pizza topped with salad. so random, i know, but i really like salad on top of my pizza.



it was the perfect valentine's day. simple. fun. and not one teeny bit stressful.


i love my valentine.

getting dressed: for valentine's day

this is a "his & hers" edition because levi looked WAY too cute on valentine's day. i couldn't possibly keep him all to myself.

i feel so lucky to have a husband with great style. in the past, i had boyfriends who didn't have a clue when it came to dressing themselves. that's all fine and good, but i really like feeling proud when i'm holding levi's hand... it's much better than walking around feeling a little bit ashamed of your boyfriend in the poncho and shorts...





cardigan: from levi's salon
tee-shirt: it belongs to levi...we have no idea where he got it
skirt: bdg from urban
red wedges: qupid from a shop in san francisco
tights: gap
bandana headband: one of levi's bandanas... i think it's from a liquor store
purse: urban outfitters




(that's levi's wedding bow tie!)

cardigan: j.crew
long sleeve button up: h&m
jeans: levi's brand from the store in SF
boots: bed|stü from urban outfitters
hat: the hat box in laguna beach
paisley bow tie: ermenegildo zegna

p.s. levi's going to show the painting behind us at his art show tonight! it's the only one that won't be for sale, but it's still very beautiful to see (that's my birthday painting - the only way i'd sell it is if someone offered me at least $10,000 for it - seriously). if you're local, stop by and say hi! details here.

15 February, 2011

say hello!

levi is showing some of his art tomorrow night (2/16) at a store in downtown huntington beach!

if you're local, you should come by and say hello! we'd love to see you!
we'll be there from 6-9 pm.


222 5th Street
Huntington Beach, CA

his art is hard to photograph with a point & shoot (even more reason to come by to see it in person), but here's a preview:

Untitled White and Blue


Orange and Red no.13



this is me as a super! more here.

hope to see you tomorrow!
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