15 February, 2011

be mine.

when we first started dating, i told levi that i never wanted roses for valentine's day.

so for valentine's this year, he gave me a pretty little succulent garden in a beautiful vase and a homemade card.

his card cracked me up because it was really just a piece of cardboard that he quickly decorated that morning. it reminded me of the valentines we gave and received in school.





we actually brought one of the plants in my mini garden home from our trip to cambria. i like that it's a reminder of the trip we took together.

for me, it was much better than roses!


  1. beautiful succulents! much more creative than roses. well done levi.

  2. succulents are some of my favorite green things. they need little attention and come in so many sculptural forms. At some point I would love to do something like this

  3. I love it when guys are sweet like that. That plant is beautiful! I have a confession I started following you on twitter and finally remembered to look at your blog and read all the way back to November. Your blog is fabulous and I do love how light hearted you and your husband are. it's refreshing.

  4. that is the best kind of valentine. but,,,,,i love roses!


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