04 February, 2011

mini-moon pt. IV

the thing i miss most about our honeymoon is the pre-dinner tradition we established while we were there.

every night before dinner, we went down to the lobby of our hotel for wine, cheese, and, perhaps, an appetizer from scala's (best fritto misto of my life).


it was so relaxing and leisurely. i loved living without an agenda for a few days.

i wish we could practice our honeymoon tradition every single night.


  1. ooo sounds fabulous!

    I have stayed in the Sir Francis Drake before.. I love the doormen! =) Also did Scalas for my freinds Bachelorette party dinner. Yummmm! I just love SF!

  2. that sounds amazing! your eyes are so big and blue!

  3. Living without a schedule creates a healthy mind, I'm convinced!

    ps. sorry for all the comments I'm leaving. I'm loving catching up on your life:)


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