01 February, 2011

i have no restraint... but i don't care.

i am now on day three of my down-with-face-fat diet after having successfully completed two days.

but even on a diet, you need a little something sweet to get you through...



a dark chocolate raspberry truffle heart did the trick yesterday.

oh yes, it did.


  1. So I was away for 6 months, AND I MISSED YOUR WEDDING!! But it's been awesome to look through your old posts and catch myself up - looks like you had a beautiful day that suited you both perfectly. And those flowers!! And the rings!! Many congratulations :)

  2. Girl, I give you props for having just 1!

    btw I love the turtle cardigan :)

  3. turns out you AND Gretel are geniuses. Two in one household. What are the odds and how smart is Levi?

  4. Good job on just having one!! Today is day 1 of my diet and Febusave challenge... must.fight.the.urge!

  5. You are absolutely my new fave.

  6. raspberry chocolate--always a good treat!


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