16 February, 2011

the myerses' first v-day

since we've never really acknowledged valentine's day before, we turned it into an all-day affair. we had to make up for lost time after all!

i think if i had to choose a favorite meal, it would be breakfast. maybe. or dinner. no breakfast. NO! dessert! well, don't make me choose! but i really do like breakfast A LOT, so we started our day with a delicious breakfast at pain du monde at fashion island.

(we just like that wall.)

we went all out with a macchiato AND orange juice. and we shared a chocolate croissant as our appetizer and an omelette as our entrée. it was so yummy.



(you know a chocolate croissant is good when you both have chocolate on your faces in public but carry on happily eating anyway.)

(our omelette should have been called the jasmine omelette - it had goat cheese, sun dried tomato, spinach, mushroom, basil, and avocado. delicious.)

(mmmm. baguette toast.)

after breakfast, we walked around fashion island enjoying the pretty day. we visited anthropologie (duh!) and a few other shops. then we went to the pet store to say hello to all the puppies. of course, i met a beautiful little 8 week old french bulldog puppy who i fell in love with. she was so sweet. she really wanted to come home with me. but at $2,900, it's just never gonna happen. i asked levi if we could visit the animal shelter and try to find a dog, but he said no. he sounded like he might be warming up to the idea of a dog though. we'll see. i don't want to do it unless we both want it and the timing is right.

anyway, next up was chocolate time!! we visited teuscher where we stupidly thought that we could each get a dark champagne truffle (my absolute favorite). boy, were we wrong!!! i'm sure they sold out almost immediately that morning.

it was really hilarious to see all the men in business suits frantically picking out chocolates on their lunch breaks. ohhhh, men. they crack me up.


after a little more wandering, we left fashion island and headed over to kean and SusieCakes. as soon as we walked into kean, we saw my mom and my sister!!! it was so random. we got a big table and hung out together for awhile.

levi shared a mini raspberry cheesecake with my mom and sister, and i unsuccessfully tried to eat a shot of cream cheese frosting with a spoon... it really needed the cake.



(unattractive action shot! haha!)

after saying goodbye, levi took me to my surprise of the day - gnomeo and juliet in 3d!!! i'm the total nerd who loves 3d movies. i know they're not for everyone, but i'm like a child when things pop out at me from the screen. i totally reach out and try to touch things. i love it! the movie was really cute... definitely not amazing, but it was enjoyable.


we ended our night with dinner at home - framboise in champagne flutes our neighbor gave us for our wedding and domino's cheese pizza topped with salad. so random, i know, but i really like salad on top of my pizza.



it was the perfect valentine's day. simple. fun. and not one teeny bit stressful.


i love my valentine.


  1. breakfast, dinner, desserts..Shoot food in general is a favorite for me!

    Sounds like a perfect day indeed! You two are so adorably cute! :)

  2. Your valentine's day was perfect! And I love that you wore a mickey mouse tee! So cute!

  3. Really sounds like the most perfect day. =)

  4. You two are beyond adorable! That last pic is precious! And how sweet that your hubby shared a dessert with his new in laws! That shows a special closeness that is so rare :0)

    Also...salad on pizza!?! Even a big ole crazy craving prego like me can't get on board with that one! LOL Glad you enjoyed tho!


  5. Im going to live in your valentines day. seriously. :) And i love fashion island. everytime we go to newport we have to stop there.

  6. I love the last picture and that day seems so fun!

    You guys are so stylin!!

  7. talk about perfect valentine's day!! everything looks soooo delicious!

  8. That sounds perfect! Our Valentine's Day was pretty much only at night because we both had school but it was still fun!
    I'm pretty sure I need to spend a day like your Vday sometime soon!


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