07 February, 2011

the myerses take on round two!!

right now, we're on our second mini-moon in cambria, CA (central coast). this time, it's a road trip!

i purposely waited 'til friday to finish up our san francisco honeymoon recap because i knew i would be sad and missing that special honeymoon feeling.



i'm excited that we have another weekend to enjoy each other, experience a different place, eat good food, relax, and form new memories of our lives as newlyweds.


  1. You guys look so happy. Congrats on your new lives. Seems like you're starting everything off just right.

  2. Cambria is a great place to spend the weekend. next time you're in the area (I live 30 East of cambria, in Paso Robles) let me know. it would be fun to get together.

  3. The roadtrip to Cambria is incredible !!! We made it a couple of weeks ago, and it was breathtaking every single time. Enjoy it

  4. I've never been to Cambria ... I've never even heard of it, probably because I'm not from around here. Going to google NOW!

    hope you're having fun beautiful!!

  5. i love cambria, it's so gorgeous! and the weather here in california is SO nice right now too! you look very happy :)

  6. watch out.. my aunt and uncle honeymooned in Cambria.. and then named their daughter Cambria.... ;)

  7. you guys simply make me envy. happy cool couple ever i found on the net.

    Love from international flower delivery :)

  8. @karina marie hahaha! it must've been something in the air.


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