11 February, 2011

morning walk

yesterday morning, we went for a walk to get some coffee.

i've never been a morning person, but i've been trying to change my natural inclinations to be a night owl for the last year (my doctor is making me). it's a struggle, but i'm starting to fall in love with morning time. i love the busy quiet. i love the chirping birds. i love the calm energy.

i love enjoying some time with my husband before we say goodbye for the workday.










  1. I love this post. I so look forward to the nice spring weather to come to the Northeast! Maybe I'll start prepping my boyfriend now for morning walks to get coffee. Waking up separately to rush out of the house for work each day makes it hard to feel connected through-out the day. I would love a few moments to enjoy the morning. Great idea!

  2. it can be such a chore (especially in the winter) but once I've hauled ass out of bed and am semi-awake, I love the morning too. It gives me such a sense of achievement, not just because it gives me an extra hour or two in my day! And because I've earned it, I don't have any qualms about spending it anyway I like :)

  3. i wish I could find motivation to get my ass out of bed in the morning, to work out, not rush, make my lunch... but it's so damn hard, especially in the winter! good for you, keep at it!

  4. what a nice way to start the day! it's so nice to have some good human interaction before its off to work!

  5. what a great way to start your day: with your husband! (don't you just love saying "husband" ?!)

  6. i really need to work on becoming more of a morning person! currently, they are terrible :(


  7. to be fair, levi and i don't have to start our work days 'til about 11:00 am. it's a lot easier for us to spend some time together in the morning! we don't have to wake up at 6:00 to do so. lucky us!! :)

  8. i've been forced into being an early riser for school this semester but have to admit that it's already growing on me...i love watching the sun come up on my drive to school and the way the air seems fresher and everything is brighter.

  9. the weather you guys have is UNREAL. I am so jealous! I love mornings, especially quiet ones. Getting up early is such a task though, blah

  10. I'm really looking forward to some nice weather like you're having... SO done with winter right now. OI!

    I'm also excited for the day when I can get up before my daughter and enjoy a little morning alone time!

    (ps. Adore these pics! You guys are so sweet!)

  11. That's a gorgeous cup of coffee :) You two look adorable together! So glad I stumbled onto your lovely blog, have a great Valentine weekend!


  12. i feel ya on the night owl insomnia. I love my nights...mornings...not so much. But I too am learning to love the sounds of the morning. ALthough I dont go on a morning walk for coffee, I drive Mr. Parker to school. I am known for the hobo mom look thank goodness for big sunglasses. But the starbucks drive thru calls my name every day around 8:00 am and I always answer back. :)

  13. Oh man. That sunshine LOOKS lovely!

    I have to confess, I've always been a morning person, but my husband is FAR from it. I learned this the hard way when I tried to tickle his toes and sang a little "gooood morning" song to him. Not a happy camper! :)

  14. The past 2 months I've really enjoyed waking up early in the morning. I'm normally more of a night owl as well but I agree with everything you wrote , there is something much more calming in the morning. Also, It makes the day feel longer in a good way.

    Also, I love your sunglasses!

  15. why are you saying goodbye for the weekend? sorry it has to be so. love this post. mornings are my favorite. i guess i'm a morning person because i always wake up early.

  16. i'm a total morning person....can we still be friends?! (;
    oh and it's so funny how so many of your posts involve coffee (: just take a look under the "you might also like" section under this post (: hope your weekend has been amazing, love! xo

  17. you guys are pretty. one of my favorite couples. ever.


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