30 March, 2010

more pictures of macarons than you'll ever need to see

i was soooo spoiled yesterday.

levi gave me one of the best days i've ever had.

i think i'm gonna have to do a numbered list for this one.

1. in the morning, i hung out in bed playing where's waldo on the leviPhone while levi baked shortcake for a fresh, delicious strawberry shortcake breakfast.

2. red bull and a really great podcast from our church on the way to LA.

3. macarons!!!!! we bought a dozen for us and a dozen for my brother and sister-in-law. they were amazing. amazing. AMAZING. i was so sad when they were gone.

3. shopping! at anthropologie!! i fell in LOVE with this dress. seen here - the model looks almost as cute in the dress as i did. :) i think it was made for me. i couldn't stop spinning in it. it has a great skirt for spinning - see the pink underneath? so cute! sadly, the dress had to stay there. it's too expensive for us right now. PLEASE go on sale, dream dress!!!

4. i did, however, leave anthropologie with an adorable skirt and top...sale items! woo!

5. mcdonald's happy meal for lunch.

6. levi bought me my favorite flowers - ranunculus.

7. annnnnnd when we got home, levi surprised me with an extra little present from anthropologie - this beautiful, little, yellow butter dish. i had no idea he bought it! i have a serious thing for butter, and all my kitchen accessories are yellow, so, obviously, this is a perfect gift for me.

see?? i was NOT joking when i said i was spoiled yesterday! levi makes me feel so loved. he's so thoughtful and giving.

and cute.

and fun.

and dreeeeeamy.

24 March, 2010

some kind of wonderful

today, levi straightened my hair.

i think it makes me look a bit like mary stuart masterson.

(photo found here.)

happenings of the day that were some kind of wonderful:

1. found a very very promising remedy to one of the unfortunate side effects of my medication.

2. dropped my web design class that was sucking the life out of me...with no repercussions! woo!

3. take home french quiz. much better than an in-class french quiz.

4. played with sand & action figures in counseling.

5. received many amused glances from fellow drivers whilst belting out the across the universe version of "don't let me down."

6. mcdonald's happy meal.

23 March, 2010

hey utah people!

are any of you looking for a nice place to live?

my friend, stacey, is renting out her beautiful 3 bedroom townhouse in lehi, utah.

it's seriously huge...especially compared to what you can get here in southern california.

go here for her blog post on the townhouse, including lots of pictures. and go here for even more information.

i would probably kill for a kitchen this big in our apartment...this one actually has counter space!!

22 March, 2010

it's spring!

i'm so happy spring is here!

who doesn't love spring? it feels like a fresh start.

the weather was glorious this weekend. we're so spoiled here in southern california. we really know how to do spring.

two of my favorite things about spring:

1. ranunculus

2. strawberries

and i'll throw levi in for good measure.

p.s. can you tell that levi got an iPhone (he calls it the leviPhone), and that i'm really loving the shakeit photo app??

14 March, 2010

random thoughts...again.

for the first time ever, i'm really starting to love my body.

is that weird to say on here?

apparently, i like to share completely random thoughts on here these days.

but i think that's an important one to share because women have a really hard time with body image. i've always struggled a lot with it. i won't even go into how much.

i mean how sad is it that i'm almost TWENTY-EIGHT, and i'm finally saying that??

anyway, it doesn't matter how late i am to jump on the "jasmine's body rocks" bandwagon.

i look good.

plus, i'm really starting to appreciate what my body does for me. this is cheesy, but sometimes when i'm doing situps, and they're getting especially hard, i start thanking God for giving me a body that is capable of doing so much.

told you it was cheesy.

now maybe i should reward my body with some vegetables. i had chips for dinner two nights in a row this week (baked ruffles - so yummy). not good.


(completely irrelevant photo of me & my sister from christmas...especially since i weigh 20+ pounds less now. i just like it & never had a chance to post it.)

10 March, 2010

a happy side effect.

i love my medicine.

a couple nights ago, i realized that i'm a completely different person than i was at the end of 2009.

i feel different, look different, act differently, speak differently, think differently.

and i'm not even done yet! there's still more good to come.

of course, it's not easy, but recognizing how far i've come is really encouraging.

one happy side effect that i didn't even consider is that my dancing has significantly improved.

i feel so much less inhibited. i have more confidence in my ability and my body. and the more i recognize this, the more i improve.

it feels amazing.

i wish i could do it all day long.

(photo - still from beirut's elephant gun video (it'll make you want to dance), which you can watch here.)

03 March, 2010

whilst driving the little werewolf

i was driving today when i was suddenly struck with this very grown up feeling.

i own a car!
i have car insurance!
if i need to go somewhere, i just get in my car and drive!
....'cause i have a driver's license, and i'm allowed to!!

it was like i was 14 again.
for a moment, i felt like i was fooling everyone.

because, honestly most of the time, i feel like i'm just pretending to be a grown up.
in a lot of ways, i'm really still that same 14 year old girl on the inside.

i'll probably still feel the same when i'm 80.

more on the little werewolf (including the exact same photo) here.
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