14 March, 2010

random thoughts...again.

for the first time ever, i'm really starting to love my body.

is that weird to say on here?

apparently, i like to share completely random thoughts on here these days.

but i think that's an important one to share because women have a really hard time with body image. i've always struggled a lot with it. i won't even go into how much.

i mean how sad is it that i'm almost TWENTY-EIGHT, and i'm finally saying that??

anyway, it doesn't matter how late i am to jump on the "jasmine's body rocks" bandwagon.

i look good.

plus, i'm really starting to appreciate what my body does for me. this is cheesy, but sometimes when i'm doing situps, and they're getting especially hard, i start thanking God for giving me a body that is capable of doing so much.

told you it was cheesy.

now maybe i should reward my body with some vegetables. i had chips for dinner two nights in a row this week (baked ruffles - so yummy). not good.


(completely irrelevant photo of me & my sister from christmas...especially since i weigh 20+ pounds less now. i just like it & never had a chance to post it.)


  1. Good for you! I don't hate my body but I don't exactly love it. I wish my hips weren't do wide and I had a flat stomach.

    Potato chips for dinner?? Tsk tsk tsk

  2. "I look good."

    Funny how just these 3 words makes us feel so awesome inside.

  3. doesn't sound cheesy at all. in fact, it's what they teach us in yoga...
    be present and grateful for what your body does for you. listen to your body. etc, etc. soooo glad you're feeling better!

  4. Jasmine is HOT!!

  5. I love that picture! and I love your post. I'm 56 and am just now starting to really love my body. Its so amazing all the wonderful things we can do! I thank Heavenly Father every day for a healthy, fit body. Way to go, Jasmine. Keep it up.

  6. wow girl you look great in that picture, I can't imagine you 20 lbs less! Good for you on loving your body, you're right, it's so freaking hard! I'm already 28 and I am no where near happy with my body. I can say that I'm happy that I'm finally working on loving myself!

  7. stumbled across your blog. Love this post. I'm 23 and falling in love with the body God gave me is a continuous journey. Hope you're having a great day.

  8. I don't think this is random, I think it's fantastic! So happy for you girlie! I've been really trying to love my body lately. Sometimes it's hard, but yes, appreciating it for what it can do instead of always hating it for what it's not is a great step. :)
    You look fabulous!

  9. Love of self is what creates room in our hearts to love others.

    I don't comment on here a lot but I've witnessed the struggle you're going through and thought I'd give you a virtual high five for being so incredibly brave and awesome.

    Remember to always give yourself credit for who you are and who you are becoming :)


  10. You look good now. You looked good before. If you gained 47 1/2 pounds, you would look great.

  11. That is excellent news. This is something I still really struggle with. I am glad to see that it can be done, even in your late twenties.

  12. Yippee!! There is nothing more liberating then breaking through the chains of self hate and negative body image! It's better to say it now at 28 and to feel it then it never say it or feel it at all.

    I started to do yoga a few years back and that is when I truly started to respect my body for what it does. I can relate to your enthusiasm and I like it!

    Cheesy is good- we could all use more cheese, don't you agree?


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