30 March, 2010

more pictures of macarons than you'll ever need to see

i was soooo spoiled yesterday.

levi gave me one of the best days i've ever had.

i think i'm gonna have to do a numbered list for this one.

1. in the morning, i hung out in bed playing where's waldo on the leviPhone while levi baked shortcake for a fresh, delicious strawberry shortcake breakfast.

2. red bull and a really great podcast from our church on the way to LA.

3. macarons!!!!! we bought a dozen for us and a dozen for my brother and sister-in-law. they were amazing. amazing. AMAZING. i was so sad when they were gone.

3. shopping! at anthropologie!! i fell in LOVE with this dress. seen here - the model looks almost as cute in the dress as i did. :) i think it was made for me. i couldn't stop spinning in it. it has a great skirt for spinning - see the pink underneath? so cute! sadly, the dress had to stay there. it's too expensive for us right now. PLEASE go on sale, dream dress!!!

4. i did, however, leave anthropologie with an adorable skirt and top...sale items! woo!

5. mcdonald's happy meal for lunch.

6. levi bought me my favorite flowers - ranunculus.

7. annnnnnd when we got home, levi surprised me with an extra little present from anthropologie - this beautiful, little, yellow butter dish. i had no idea he bought it! i have a serious thing for butter, and all my kitchen accessories are yellow, so, obviously, this is a perfect gift for me.

see?? i was NOT joking when i said i was spoiled yesterday! levi makes me feel so loved. he's so thoughtful and giving.

and cute.

and fun.

and dreeeeeamy.


  1. Silly me, but what are macarons?
    I always thought they were like nuts?
    But your pictures make them look like delicious cookie cakes. YUM!

  2. This day was epic! You look gorgeous Jasmine- really gorgeous.
    I am sort of jealous of your amazing boyfriend.

  3. i've had those macaroons and they are aaaaaaah-mazing!

  4. LOVE the butter dish!! Oh, and that dress is BEAUTIFUL on you. I hope someday it finds its way to your closet!!

    Glad you had such a wonderful day! A Girl definitely need to be spoiled every now and then. You deserve it!!

  5. lucky lady!! you look so happy and beautiful! And that dress is amazing, I think I might try out a pattern like that, see if I can make it!! I'll let you know if I'm successful...I might have to make more than one?! * winter

  6. Huzzah for wonderful days! I am in love with that dress also!!


  7. Love your outfit in the first few pictures. That dress is gorgeous on you and looks like fun. And Levi is the sweetest. So glad you had an amazing day!

  8. Ahhh! We all need to have days like that!
    I really love the pic of u spinning! So pretty and carefree! (If only right!?!)

  9. what a perfect day!! and you look so beautiful and happy!

  10. That dress is gorgeous! And the cookies? Ummm....YUM!

  11. Yep, I'd say you do have one hell of a man right there!

    You and that dress are perfect for each other though, so I'd watch out if I were Levi... ;)

  12. 1. You are looking great!!
    2. You have a LOVELY boyfriend :)
    3. That was a LOT of macaroons.

  13. sounds like the most amazing day. i kinda want one of these with my best friend soon.

  14. he's such a sweetie and you are looking SO good!

  15. awesome day you lucky thing!! xx

  16. that sounds like such an amazing day! that dress looked great on you! and how thoughful of levi to do all those nice things for you :)
    (ps- i STILL have yet to try a macaron...i think i need to hunt some down on my upcoming trip to a larger city...)

  17. Those look amazing...I am jealous. And that dress is so lovely!

  18. All I have to say is my mouth is watering!!!

    I've been craving macron's...and there's a french bakery down the street...thank you for giving me the push to head over and indulge!!!

    BTW??? Does your boyfriend have a twin?? xo

  19. You look so alive! Maybe it's the Macaroons (which to me are the new cupcakes... Mmmmmm Macaroons) or maybe it's just you! Keep it up lovely lady!

  20. People, please, its spelled macaroons!

  21. so good to see you happy!

  22. actually, it's spelled macarons...with just one "o." it's a french cookie and a french word. the word "macarOOns" usually refers to those puffy coconut cookies. many times americans use the spelling with the double "o" to refer to macarons, but that isn't correct. the french spell it "macaron."

  23. ohhhh, i didn't know. sorry to be so pushy. glad you are feeling so good. by the way, I love the twirling picture.

  24. I love the spinning photo and the butter dish. :)

  25. it's okay! most people don't know...i've just been studying french for the last year so i've got french on the brain. :)


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