01 April, 2010

tomorrow can't be friday!


i spent my spring break running errands, cleaning, and trying to take care of things on my to-do list...even though it seemed like everything i crossed off was replaced by another to-do...

i started a list of all the things i accomplished this week to post on the blog...but it was far too long and boring to expose any of you to, so i erased it. let's just say i kicked some serious to-do list ass. unfortunately, the list isn't empty. damn you, list!!! i will defeat you!

one of the highlights of my week was stopping by SusieCakes in newport beach for a piece of their amazing tropical coconut cake. if you ever have the opportunity, please go there and try it. i had a dream that it was my birthday, and my birthday cake was an entire SusieCakes tropical coconut cake. it was a really good dream.

and now it is time for a bath.
good night!


  1. i love that you just said that you kicked some serious to-do list a!

    oh man. why do i giggle at the swears? so funny.

    good job with your man-handeling that darn to-do list though! you go.

  2. that cake looks way too good!! i'm so jealous!!

  3. that sounds positively delicious! and love that you had a dream about food- my kinda girl!

  4. Tropical coconut cake!?! I think I just died and went to heaven!!!

  5. that cake looks incredibly dreamy, and your dream is my best dream come true too. whoa, that's a mouthful...ha! anyway you sound good and upbeat despite and i am confident you will indeed reign victorious over THE LIST.

  6. You really like coconut goodies, don't you?

  7. sounds amazing! i'll have to check out susiecakes when i'm home this summer!

  8. When you finish that list, you're going to feel SO AWESOME! It's rewarding to get things done.

    I'd like a piece of that cake, please. Do they ship to New York? Haha.


    Ms. Seberg

  9. i really do like coconut! i didn't realize how drawn to coconut i was until this year! :)

  10. Oh, SusieCakes and I go back, waaay back. My dad and sister used to have CCS (Cupcake Saturdays) at that placem, until they realized they might have to cut back for health reasons, haha. But coconut is one of my favorites, and that cake IS to die for!

    Happy weekend, Jasmine!


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