27 April, 2010

dinner parties & candy for breakfast

we went to a dinner party a couple weeks ago with these people.

it was so much fun.

isn't that what you always imagined being grown up would be like? going to dinner parties every weekend with amazing people and sharing some laughs over glasses of red wine.

isn't real grown up life so much different than that???

if i had it my way, being a grown up would mean dinner parties every weekend, candy for breakfast, and spending money on cute outfits instead of bills & doctor's appointments.

(at least being a grown up means getting to wake up next to him every morning...and dinner parties some weekends...and candy for breakfast every once in awhile.)


  1. You and Levi are so cute together. I love the flower in your hair. And so far growing up is not quite what I expected.

  2. You guys are adorable. I'm thinking of having a dinner party soon :)

  3. i agree... grownupdom has it's ups and downs. sometimes i wish i was still 4 and wonderfully oblivious to responsibility. :)

  4. hahaha exactly! i thought being a grown-up was all about dinner parties, happy hour, and crack-o-dawn work-outs.

    in reality- notsomuch.

    but yes- the falling asleep/waking up part is a lot better than expected.

    ((on occasion for me... seeing as we're still not officially 'in-sin'))

    (((dumb terminology, btw)))

  5. How true. It sounds like you have plenty of grown-up things to be happy about though =]

  6. I love dinner parties with friends. It definitely doesn't happen enough. Such a cute flower in your hair. You guys are adorable.

  7. Yum. Candy for breakfast! Dinner parties, are so much fun with the friends and family that you love.. And I also enjoy being able to wake up to my hubbs every morning!

  8. dinner parties, candy for breakfast--definitely my idea of being grown-up!

  9. too true Jas! I long for those princess like parties and bonbons.

  10. i like the candy for breakfast!

  11. mmm...i love candy for breakfast. that's one of the best parts about being 'grown up'...waking up and being like, "i'm gonna have that cupcake for breakfast and no one's gonna stop me."
    and now i kind of sound like a piggy.

    you two look adorable. looks like a wonderful time.

  12. I love that last line. It makes me excited to be a grown up. (I'm pretending I'm not one yet.) You and Levi are such an inspiration to me. xo

  13. I love this. I can relate to it so much. Sometimes being an adult sucks, so it's important to really value the times it doesn't. :-)


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