16 April, 2010


i have been very good at taking breaks this week. it's been really nice having the opportunity to relax a little bit. unfortunately some of the relaxing has been forced on me. i had an IUD inserted yesterday morning, and holy crap that hurt! i really had no idea how painful it would be. i think it might have been the worst pain i have experienced thus far in my life...i'm now dreading childbirth even more. i'm such a wimp. anyway, i've had consistent cramps (the worst of my life) ever since 9:00 yesterday morning. they've subsided a bit today, so i'm hoping they're mostly gone by tomorrow.

sorry if that was too much information....kinda....eh, not really. if you haven't caught on yet, i am very very open on this blog. ;)

anyway, this was my favorite break this week:

levi took me to la crêperie for breakfast on wednesday morning. i had hot chocolate and belgium waffles with strawberries, cream, and maple syrup....surprisingly, i finished it all. it was so nice going out for breakfast on a work/school day. i could get used to this...

i hope you all have exciting, fun, & relaxing weekends lined up. i will (hopefully) be studying for my big scary french midterm on tuesday. procrastination, please stay far far away from me this weekend.


  1. OUCH!

    But sweet pictures! And where did that cardigan come from?

  2. oh I LOVE that place!!! its my "mommy/daughter date" go-to place!!!... cuz I never seem to have any adult dates! hahaha

    good luck on ur mid-term girl! hopefully the prix noise doesn't make it down to BS & disrupt ur studying! ;)


  3. Very cute pictures! You look great!

    And thanks for the info on the IUD. I was contemplating getting one... now I'm not. haha.

  4. holy hell. the iud was the most painful thing for me too! they warned me if i've never had kids not to get one. YIKES! give it a few days, and you'll forget you ever had it done!

    good luck with your french final!

    p.s. LOVE your hair. :)

  5. haha, of course I'll approve that! I'm a pretty open gal as well! :-)

    And thanks for the info! I will definitely reconsider! I'm so horrible with the pill... I always forget, I took a double dose today because I forgot yesterdays. Ugh! Even if it is painful, it's just temporary pain!

  6. Mmmmm....your breakfast sounds so delicious. And I love your polkadot top.

  7. Looks so yummy! And don't be scared about child birth. If you are for epidurals then no need to be scared about pain. Had them with both my boys and I had two very happy very perfect very pain free deliveries. :) I am scared to the IUD though.

  8. layne, my cardigan is from j.crew. i loooove it.

    cole, i am definitely definitely getting an epidural. i'm not sure levi would agree to have babies with me if i said i wasn't going to have one. haha! he knows me too well. :)

  9. That crepe looks AMAZING. Would you believe I've never had one before? And based off of your crepe adventures, I think it's sort of necessary that I try it.

    Happy weekend, Jasmine!

  10. love the pics, you look great!

  11. Ugg the IUD was HORRIBLE! Like Kate I was warned but seriously I thought I was going to die - I had to sit in the tub for hours after whimpering. Then to top it all off I went back to work and ended up puking in the parking lot because it was still making me so sick. But nothing since...

    though I'm pretty sure that after experiencing that I'm not sure I'll survive child birth.

    Ps. You look great!

  12. Oh now this makes me nervous. I am supposed to have mine inserted next week :( Did you get Mirena??

  13. hi,
    New to your blog so first things first your lovely, so cute! Second, I have never had an IUD, but my girlfriend has and she said it hurt really really bad...I have have had a baby, though and that is something your body is priming itself for for months so your body is ready(unless you schedule a C-sec in which case your body would not yet be ready and you would be forcing the birth prematurely) but anyway, birth is awesome and it doesn't have to hurt is my point.
    Anyway, I'll be checking out your blog more when I have some more time :)

  14. Hey I have a Mirena! 3 years and counting. I never had cramps in my life until I got it. They are better now, but the first six months were awful. I also had really really heavy periods. You wrote this in April, I hope your IUD has been good. Mine is good now. 2 more years! Also, I'm so happy you are getting married. You should visit Madrid on your honeymoon. You can sleep on my air mattress. I move there August 15, for two years. (my husband will be starting an MA program)


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