12 April, 2010

when you can't have a vacation

hmmm. i don't really have a whole lot to say right now, but i'd like to at least pop in. i've gotten a bit out of the habit of blogging.

a lot has been going on, but i think it would sound all "wah wah wah" to share it all with you.

lottttttts of stressful events happening over here. lots of money gone. lots of trips to the dmv and the doctor. lots of forms to fill out and more money to spend and more waiting and worrying. lots of getting pulled over for things like half of your left brake light is not lighting up and did you know the lights over your license plate are out? here. let me give you a ticket for that.

all this adds up to complete exhaustion and (more than) a hint of apathy.

i'm just trying to pull together some motivation to get things done when i'm having trouble caring about anything other than my need for a vacation.

since a vacation isn't a possibility right now, i'm learning a lot about the need to take little breaks and how to actually implement that into my life.

taking pictures of your extremely cute/devilishly handsome boyfriend in line at the dmv can be a break:

dressing up can be a break:

removing all makeup, taking the contacts out, & switching to glasses for an early evening walk can be a break:

snacks in the bath can be a break (btw, drinks in the shower are nice too):

i even put together a little diagram of "little breaks" i can take:

i'm trying to continue to add to my little picture. and i'm trying to be very intentional about my attitude and behaviour when i take a break - usually this means "no worrying about other things when you're on a break!"

what are some things you do to take little breaks? maybe i'll add them to my list.


  1. I love your snacks in the tub idea! :)

  2. I like to read a chapter in whatever book I'm reading between unpleasant chores. I like your snacks in the bath one. I might have to do that tonight, after I clean my tub. :)

  3. Snacks in the bath is the best. I mean - that picture is the best. I love it.

    For little breaks - I like to give myself mani/pedis. They leave me feeling pretty. I also like to have dinner on the deck. I like to have wine at lunch time too. I'm in serious need of a vacay too. I need to be unplugged for a good week.

    xo! It's good to hear from you.

  4. Aw cute photos of you and your boyfriend! I know what you mean about getting pulled over - got pulled over at LAX for a taillamp out and got a fix-it ticket. I didn't know it was out! I think the best breaks are just going to a park, laying on a towel and going to sleep. It's very calming esp. when no one is around except you and the chirpy birds- though they can be a bit annoying!

  5. Because I think you deserve it! I have an award waiting to awarded to you at my blog. ITs scheduled to be posted tomorrow morning! thanks for lettin me follow!

  6. turn on the tv and watch something mindlessly. you don't even have to like it.

  7. i love the food in a bath! i always wear lipstick when i'm shaving my legs in the tub! i also peruse the bookstore with a drink, drive up the canyon, or make something delicious to eat for breaks :)

  8. last time I had a really bad time, I went for a giant hot dog (with hungarian sausages in it), I put on the Who really loud in the apartment, went in the bath and ate it all.
    I felt really decadent : not ecological, not eating healthy, not caring about the neighbour, and it felt so great !!!!!

  9. I think it's really cute that you have chips in the bathtub.

  10. The food/drink in the bathtub idea is definitely a good one - especially with lots of candles and a book. I also like to give myself mani/pedis while watching old movies or I throw on a frilly apron and bake up a bunch of yummy treats - what's better than the smell of delicious treats baking?! :)

  11. i take a drive on the highway and scream at the top of my lungs until I laugh at myself because I must look crazy as hell....but it works to release pent up energy. I enjoy your blog, keep up the good/hard work and turning those negatives into positives.



  12. drinkies and books in the bath are one of my favorite breaks. also, walking my dog, baking, sitting on the deck in the sun, and watching terribly cheesy tv.

  13. I like to stretch, and be outside, I love being in the garden with bugs and flowers listening to the birds is the best break !

  14. Hi Jasmine,
    You have to see the latest issue of The New Yorker (April 12). On page 53 there is a picture of a young woman in London 1960..she could be your double!!
    Love your blog....

  15. tea parties, hand-writing mail, picnic-ing, blowing bubbles!

  16. you sound like such an adorable person. I'm your newest follower. Love your blog!

    nicole visiting from

  17. My fiance John has almost identical glasses, scruff, and newsboy cap as Levi! Clearly we both have good taste in men : ) Thanks so much for stopping by The Neo-Trad today! I was ecstatic you picked up on the Anne of Green Gables reference---clearly you're super cool girl. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    XX Katie


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