06 April, 2010


i have a feeling that this post is going to have a lot of pictures...and i might yammer on a bit. that happens sometimes when i'm exhausted...which i have been for the last couple days.

we had a really nice easter. our church, rock harbor, joined up with some other churches for a really big service at the orange county fairgrounds. there was singing, dancing, a message, and a ton of baptisms. it was really cool. the only downside was the evil, blistering sun that i had to hide from the entire time:

and i still left with a sunburn on my shoulders.

next up was a really delicious picnic (great sandwiches, mom!!) in the park with my family, minus my little sister, ivy. she's in italy right now with her school. lucky thing! and easter was actually on her 18th birthday! we missed her a lot!


zachary & chrystal


(can you tell i made levi upload the hipstamatic app on the leviPhone??)

we had a grown up easter egg hunt. stupid little kids kept trying to steal our eggs! how rude, right?? if my kids started trying to steal other people's easter eggs, they would be in soooo much trouble.

...anyway....we all filled up eggs for each other. it was really fun. my mom's eggs were best. she loaded them up with cash. i, unfortunately, didn't find any of the cash eggs...except for the one my brother filled with pennies.
however, levi found the $20 egg! that made up for my bad luck!

we all got pretty creative with our eggs. zachary filled one with celery. levi gave a chile filled egg. and i filled one of mine with paper clips and a note that said, "i love you. love, jasmine." lots of fun!

i think this photo's funny. levi is choking, and i'm just relaxing with my root beer, waiting for him to finish. haha!

then he's blinded by the sun.

then he manages a squint at the camera.

more blinded levi. poor levi.

there. now he's safe from the sun.

and to sum up, here are my shoes:

i hope you all had happy easters too!


  1. you are just too gorgeous for words:) and i thought the picture of your mom was you! glad you had a great time dear. xo!

  2. I'm so happy you had a fun time. You look spectacular in your adorable dress. I love you! xo

  3. Great pictures! Glad you guys had a great Easter, too!

  4. It's really fun to see pictures again! Life seems pretty sweet over yonder. :) That hipstamatic app is my favorite (note all hipstamatic photos on my blog).

  5. you look a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y beautiful jasmine.
    I'm lovin the new iphone app! sweet as.

  6. Beautiful pics.. So artistic.. I just love the effects! Looks like you all had a wonderful time...
    It's funny how you wrote about the "evil" sun... You know that here in the Paris area, we don't get a lot of sun through the year.... and I'm sooo craving sunlight!! It's been soooo gloomy since Oct here... I can't wait for more sun-- yesterday was the warmest, sunniest day we've had (23C) since Sept/Oct...
    Take care,

  7. such sunny and happy pictures- thanks for sharing!

  8. what a great and fun day! I love the filled eggs.

  9. you guys are cute. im in love with your picnic and post.

  10. really cute shoes!! and I love that idea for a grown up easter egg hunt. looks like you had a great easter :) and i'm jealous you got a little sun, i'm still white as a ghost in Boston!

    xo Julia

  11. awesome easter!
    great way to spend it....

    love seeing you smile!

  12. beautiful pictures. loving your blog!


  13. happy easter! love your photos. and your pup is precious! :)

  14. hey jasmine!
    hosting a giveaway in my neck of the woods...would love for you to drop by


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