28 October, 2011


Oh, that Levi. Always writing down things I say... then posting them on Facebook.

The latest:

"I don't think you take enough time to be impressed with me."

Sometimes, I sound like the biggest pain in the butt in the world. Levi is a saint...

But he's lucky to have someone who entertains him so much.

24 October, 2011

NOW it's officially fall!!

Because the fall issue of The Violet is out! I did the Blossom piece, Stacey wrote an article, and Camilla made it all happen... that girl does everything - photography, writing, layout, cooking, masterminding... she's amazing.


Check it out here. Enjoy, and happy fall!

22 October, 2011

I think he's trying to kill me.

With that super cute face of his.



I'm in love.

19 October, 2011


Saturday night was really really good. Levi and I had tickets to see Radio & Juliet. I had been looking forward to seeing it for a very long time. Before we left, I packed up some intermission snacks - Pellegrino and lemonade for me, beer for Levi, Terra Blues chips for both. It turned out that we didn't need these things because there wasn't an intermission, but it felt good (and a little bit sneaky, which can be really fun) to be prepared.

Before the ballet, we went to Tavern on 2 for dinner. We let ourselves split more than one thing, which felt very fancy and frivolous. I, of course, got a little bit nervous about spending too much money, but Levi told me to knock it off. As soon as the food came out, I was like, "Money? Whatever! Mmmmm." Everything was delicious. And we even ordered dessert. S'mores! For our marshmallow flavors, we chose orange honey, gingerbread, and toasted coconut. They brought out a tiny flaming iron stove, sticks, marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. We had so much fun almost burning the place down. I laughed loudly each time my wooden stick and marshmallows caught on fire. The orange honey marshmallows were my favorite. You should get some of those. When the bill came out, I didn't even ask to see it. I left with the perfect kind of fullness - not too much, not too little, juuuuust right.

We arrived at the theatre a few minutes early and sat in our seats, soaking up the anticipation. Everyone was excited for the performance. You could feel the energetic buzz in the room. That's one of the things I love most about live performances - the palpable energy. As soon as the lights dimmed, everyone broke out in applause. We were all prepared to love what we were about to see. We went in with great attitudes, and we weren't disappointed. The second the music started, tears jumped to my eyes. It was so beautiful. I've never heard Radiohead sound better. Levi and I heard new parts to songs we had listened to a million times before. And then the dancers came on stage. More beauty. When they danced to Idioteque, I thought my heart might burst. I sat enraptured for 60 minutes, until, suddenly, it was over. Just like that. Juliet took a bite of a poisonous lemon, and the theatre went dark. When the lights came back on, all the male dancers were standing in a row on stage. People started clapping. The dancers started bowing. I looked around, a bit dazed, and figured I should join in. We stood up for the dancers. The music. The experience. The evening. All of it. Perfect.

18 October, 2011

Wanna know what makes my heart melt?

Levi wearing our nephew!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


P.S. I'm selling some REALLY cute Anthropologie sandals on eBay. They're brand new, in the box, never been worn. Check them out here.

14 October, 2011

A Little Wolfie for the Weekend

Levi and I babysat Wolife last week. Oh man, he really is the cutest baby I've ever seen in my life. He's gotten REALLY talkative. He hollers and laughs and coos. It's the sweetest thing. And that child never stops moving! If I moved as much as he does laying down, I'd never need to work out. Here's a video of him with his fox. He loves his fox. The cutest bit is around 1:45 when he eats the phone. The sound he makes is adoooorable.

10 October, 2011


Hello, dear blog! How've you been? Well, I hope!

You may have noticed that I turned off comments a few weeks ago. I was just trying that on for size. They're back on, so comment away if you'd like. I haven't totally figured out what I think about blog comments. I, for one, hardly ever leave comments on the blogs I read. This is mostly because I read blogs from my phone, and phone commenting can be a pain in the butt.

Annnnnyway, I haven't had many ideas for blog posts lately, so I've kept pretty quiet. But I saw this little survey thingie on Lauren's blog the other day and thought it would make a fun blog post. So here we go...

The ABCs of Me, Jasmine L. H. Myers:

I make excellent bed head.

Age: 29

Bed size: king.... it's glorious.

Chores that you hate: This one implies that there are chores that I don't hate... the chore I hate the most is cleaning the crock pot/rice cooker/tupperware that has been sitting in the fridge holding leftovers for months.

Dogs: I love dogs! But I don't have any right now. I kinda count Gretel as a puppy though. She's very puppy-like.

Essential to start your day: Stretching in bed for at least 15 minutes

Favorite color: PINK!!!

Gold or silver: Rose gold

Height: 5'6" & almost 1/4"

Instruments you play: I took piano lessons for a spell several years ago, and I was decent, but I wouldn't say I play the piano.

Job title: Content Editor

Kids: I want them! Preferably 2 girls and 2 boys... Levi has only agreed to 3 children thus far.

Live: Dance. Live dance is my favorite live thing to see... live.

Mothers name: Jill Allyn

Nicknames: Jasi. Bean. JasiBean. And Boppy Jasi (my sister and I decided that we didn't want to be "Aunt so&so," so we came up with "boppy" instead).

Overnight hospital stays: I think my last overnight hospital stay was when I was born.

Pet peeves: When apostrophes are used to make things plural... especially with my new last name. We are NOT The Myers' . We are The Myerses. It would be nice if adults were required to take a grammar refresher course every year... of course, if everyone used perfect grammar, I might not have a job. ;)

Quote from a movie or TV show: The first thing coming to mind is, "She could be a farmer in those clothes."

Right or lefty: Right!

Siblings: Younger brother: Zachary. Younger sister: Ivy. Sisters-in-law: Chrystal & Merry. Brother-in-law: Nick... I still need to meet him!

Time you wake up: My ideal wake up time is 8:00... but that rarely happens. Usually 9:30... it's one of the luxuries of working from home on your own schedule.

Underwear: Aerie from American Eagle. They're my fave.

Vegetable you hate: Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, bok choy... anything in the cabbage family. And lima beans. :\

What makes you run late: Life makes me run late. I'm a late-running person. It's something I've been working on since high school. I always think it takes me less time to get ready than it really does, and I always get distracted by things like magazines, instagram, and the kitties.

X-rays you've had: teeth, arm

Yummy food you make: I make a really good tomato sauce. My pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread are pretty delicious as well.

Zoo animal: Baby anything.

That was fun!

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