14 October, 2011

A Little Wolfie for the Weekend

Levi and I babysat Wolife last week. Oh man, he really is the cutest baby I've ever seen in my life. He's gotten REALLY talkative. He hollers and laughs and coos. It's the sweetest thing. And that child never stops moving! If I moved as much as he does laying down, I'd never need to work out. Here's a video of him with his fox. He loves his fox. The cutest bit is around 1:45 when he eats the phone. The sound he makes is adoooorable.


  1. Oh my lord, what a cutie! I can see why you love spending time with little Wolfie!

  2. Oh how adorable! I bet you had so much fun with him.

  3. He is sooo cute! I haven't been on your blog in about a year...glad to see you are doing well!


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