28 October, 2011


Oh, that Levi. Always writing down things I say... then posting them on Facebook.

The latest:

"I don't think you take enough time to be impressed with me."

Sometimes, I sound like the biggest pain in the butt in the world. Levi is a saint...

But he's lucky to have someone who entertains him so much.


  1. haha, i love that :) sounds like you got a good catch

  2. haha! Agreed, you always make me laugh!

  3. haha... totally something i would say. you guys are sweet. i love when you post jasmine!

  4. seriously i still laugh abou tthis! You two are amazing! WE can't wait to see you again in december! Now...WHERE ARE MY MACAROONS (or however you spell it)!!!

  5. HAHA I'm sure the funny witty things you say are one the many reasons he love you :-)


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