19 October, 2011


Saturday night was really really good. Levi and I had tickets to see Radio & Juliet. I had been looking forward to seeing it for a very long time. Before we left, I packed up some intermission snacks - Pellegrino and lemonade for me, beer for Levi, Terra Blues chips for both. It turned out that we didn't need these things because there wasn't an intermission, but it felt good (and a little bit sneaky, which can be really fun) to be prepared.

Before the ballet, we went to Tavern on 2 for dinner. We let ourselves split more than one thing, which felt very fancy and frivolous. I, of course, got a little bit nervous about spending too much money, but Levi told me to knock it off. As soon as the food came out, I was like, "Money? Whatever! Mmmmm." Everything was delicious. And we even ordered dessert. S'mores! For our marshmallow flavors, we chose orange honey, gingerbread, and toasted coconut. They brought out a tiny flaming iron stove, sticks, marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. We had so much fun almost burning the place down. I laughed loudly each time my wooden stick and marshmallows caught on fire. The orange honey marshmallows were my favorite. You should get some of those. When the bill came out, I didn't even ask to see it. I left with the perfect kind of fullness - not too much, not too little, juuuuust right.

We arrived at the theatre a few minutes early and sat in our seats, soaking up the anticipation. Everyone was excited for the performance. You could feel the energetic buzz in the room. That's one of the things I love most about live performances - the palpable energy. As soon as the lights dimmed, everyone broke out in applause. We were all prepared to love what we were about to see. We went in with great attitudes, and we weren't disappointed. The second the music started, tears jumped to my eyes. It was so beautiful. I've never heard Radiohead sound better. Levi and I heard new parts to songs we had listened to a million times before. And then the dancers came on stage. More beauty. When they danced to Idioteque, I thought my heart might burst. I sat enraptured for 60 minutes, until, suddenly, it was over. Just like that. Juliet took a bite of a poisonous lemon, and the theatre went dark. When the lights came back on, all the male dancers were standing in a row on stage. People started clapping. The dancers started bowing. I looked around, a bit dazed, and figured I should join in. We stood up for the dancers. The music. The experience. The evening. All of it. Perfect.


  1. ahh this sounds like so much fun!

  2. Aw! this really sounds like the most perfect evening. I'm so happy you let Levi spoil you ;)

  3. That sounds absolutely amazing...I think I had kind of the same feeling when I came to the end of the post.

    And I love letting go and sometimes and not worrying about being sensible all the time and being a bit frivolous!

  4. Those S'mores sound amazing!

    One time my mom, Grandma and I went to a new kinda spendy place in town and I looked at the special thinking it only said $8 dollars and so I thought "I'll get that its cheaper!" it turned out it was $28 but it was so good and my mom said once in awhile its nice to treat yourself.


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