24 March, 2010

some kind of wonderful

today, levi straightened my hair.

i think it makes me look a bit like mary stuart masterson.

(photo found here.)

happenings of the day that were some kind of wonderful:

1. found a very very promising remedy to one of the unfortunate side effects of my medication.

2. dropped my web design class that was sucking the life out of me...with no repercussions! woo!

3. take home french quiz. much better than an in-class french quiz.

4. played with sand & action figures in counseling.

5. received many amused glances from fellow drivers whilst belting out the across the universe version of "don't let me down."

6. mcdonald's happy meal.


  1. You look amazing. I want a boyfriend who will straighten my hair. xo

  2. lol except urs looks better! ;) def love the look on u xo

  3. I think you look super cute with your hair straight!

  4. Really when does a happy meal not cheery up anybody? It's all about the toy. I hope you got a good one!


  5. you look exactly like her in this photo. well done.

  6. TOTALLY mary stuart masterston :)

    and the entire across the universe soundtrack is one of my all time faves to belt out :)

    so very glad to hear things are looking up for you lady!

  7. Cute! I miss seeing your face. :)

  8. love across the universe! i'm going to listen to that on the way to work and belt out a few tunes as well :)

  9. ah! you look just like her! I love her!!!

  10. With your lovely baby blue eyes I see a resemblance to the oh-so fashionable Twiggy at the height of her popularity.

  11. Woot Woot! Here's to good news.

  12. CUTE hair! and i totally agree with the twiggy comparison.

  13. Oh man, you really do look like her. Cool!

  14. Ha! You are so right! Great job thinking back that far ;) Great blog!! I'll be back - Oh and I should def watch that movie again - it's been a while~so good.


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