03 February, 2011

mini-moon pt. III

we spent our first full day in san francisco walking and exploring in the grey, drizzly weather without an agenda.

it was incredible.

i think we walked for a solid 6 hours that day.

at some points, our outer clothing was completely wet from the rain.

we called on the painted ladies.



hung out in alamo square... we might have even called the phone number on an apartment that was for rent... you know, just out of curiosity.



we walked into the cathedral at the university of san francisco. it smelled like christmas.


we marveled at the wonder that is the smart car.

(please note that it is parked between two driveways.)

we stopped multiple times just to say, "OH MY GOSH. look how gorgeous the view is!! i don't think i would ever get used to this if we lived here."


we really do love san francisco.


  1. Smart Cars rock. If you ever owned one you'd never go back to a full sized one.

    P.S. Love your legs.

  2. I can't wait to get there someday. It's been on my list for a *long* time.
    Isn't it every girls dream to see the Full House house? haha

  3. i still think you guys belong here...and even though sf is a little pricey, berkeley is pretty rad

    (ps you can ALWAYS come stay up here at my place...damir has his own apartment so i would stay there and you'd get my sweet little studio to yourselves!!)

  4. AAAHSQUEE! That was my sound of excitement to be moving there in six months. Today is my last day of work. San Francisco here I come! (with a quick detour in Palm Springs)

  5. i DO live here and i can't get over the view!! glad you enjoyed... hope you had your fill of blue bottle... if thats even possible...

  6. oh that tiny little car! Crazy!!!

    Love the painted homes. Reminds me of Full House!

  7. I love San Fran, too! I went for my first time about a year ago! My boyfriend surprised me with a trip for my birthday! It was the best best best ever, but not enough time! I miss it oh so much. Something about San Fran makes me warm inside, although it gets mighty cold!

    Great photos! I have yet to fall out of love with that place! :)

  8. This totally makes me want to go there!

  9. i used to live in san francisco and i loved it! it's such an amazing place. i'm going to visit later this month and i can't wait!

  10. there is so much about san francisco that i know i'd just love. someday i'll make it out there.

    btw, your yellow sweater totally made that whole outfit! good job putting that one together; one of my faves of yours. :]

  11. Stopping by from 20SB!
    Beautiful photos! San Francisco is so beautiful.

  12. I just realized why i almost didn't recognize Levi--he's not wearing his glasses!

  13. Man. I have GOT to go to SF pronto!

    Glad you loved it :)

  14. I loooove SF too!!! Way cooler than Phoenix!! Did you guys go to Twin peak for amazing view of downtown??

  15. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE it. My fiance and I also love SF...we were engaged there! Wish we had more funds so we could live there! Can't wait to see more posts from you.



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