15 February, 2011

an impromptu date & the perfect cupcake

on saturday afternoon, the sun was starting to go down right when levi was on his way home. it was gorgeous. i felt super antsy as i waited for him because i wanted us to enjoy the last bit of sunshine together.

the second he parked our car, i grabbed his hand and we took off for a walk to our neighborhood coffee shop. i felt like we were chasing the sun as it fell from the sky.



beautiful sunsets make me feel close to God.

after we said "good night" to the sun, we picked up a cupcake and took it to the coffee shop.


this is the perfect cupcake. it's a chocolate raspberry cake with raspberry buttercream. you can taste the fresh raspberries throughout the entire thing. it is amazing. frosted should really keep them around permanently.... maybe you should call and tell them that! ;)

after coffee, we started walking home. on our way, we passed a restaurant. the food inside smelled so good that we decided we should get a table and have dinner.

we capped off our evening with licorice laces and magazines at barnes & noble.


it was such a fun night, and i love that we didn't plan a single second of it. we were just living in the moment, and it happened. this is something we're trying to do more often. the other night, we had a little talk about trying to live more spontaneously between now and the time we have children. if we don't get good at spontaneity now, it'll never happen when we add a few babies to our family.

so i guess you could say we have a plan to be spontaneous.

it's a start.


  1. love it. such great pics and that cupcake looks sooo yummy!


  2. That sounds so lovely, and I'll be making that call the keep the cupcake because I would love to try one!

  3. spontaneous date nights are the best. you and levi sound like me and my boyfriend- we like all the same little "adventures"!! :)

  4. Cupcakes...Coffee...Books...sounds like heaven!

  5. What a great night! And I absolutely love the pictures of you in the sun. You're right, it is something to be enjoyed and celebrated! It makes me so happy when the sun's out now!

  6. love!! <3 the sunset pictures of you is absolutely gorgeous!! :) and probably the most yummy looking cupcake in the world!! I also think it's a great way to end the night with books!


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