04 February, 2011

mini-moon pt. V - the final morning

on our final morning in san francisco, we had an incredible breakfast at our hotel's restaurant, scala's.

may i please take a moment to tell you how deeply and fervently i love scala's bistro? i miss it every single day. the few days i lived above scala's bistro were some of the best of my life. there we ate fritto misto (with calamari, prawns, green beans, sweet padron peppers, and fennel), salad with the most delicious bleu cheese i've ever tasted, pesto and ricotta ravioli with lemon cream sauce, bostini cream pie with cream that you could've eaten by the bucket full.... okay, i'll stop now.

in short, i will never visit san francisco again without dining there.

anyway, we were tired.



but that didn't stop us from sharing an egg white omelette "pomodoro" (with spinach, basil, and roasted tomatoes), brioche french toast (with cinnamon apples and chantilly cream), toast, and fresh blueberries and tangerines.





it was heavenly.

from there, we waited at the BART station,


rode the BART to the airport,


waited a few hours for our delayed flight with magazines and newly forming inside jokes (i love you, mr. van der pudden),

witnessed another gorgeous sunset from the plane,


and went home to our kitties.

i finally unpacked last weekend.


  1. Oh my... doing breakfast at Scalas the next time i'm in SF! seriously!

    Loved hearing about your honeymoon. Sounds like you guys had a really fun time.

  2. that breakfast looks AH-MAZING!

    what a fun trip!

    (you've got awesome hair! I love love love your short hair!)

  3. Okay, this could be totally creepster-ish, but I saw you at the Starbucks in HB this afternoon (or at least I think it was you haha). I didn't want to bother because it looked like you were with a friend, but I just wanted to say that I think you are super cute/sweet/great/adorbs in your blog, and oh my, you are super adorbs in person!

    yeah, I've crossed the from "normal" to "creepster" now haha.

    Love your blog and your writing in general, oh and many congrats on your recent marriage!

  4. Ahh thanks for the encouragement! Despite the helpful comparison God's blessed me with, it is still complete agony haha (actually, I thought he was gonna do it tonight when he took me out, but it didn't happen, go figure AGH).

    HAHAHAHA I can't believe you said something about your sweater because the exact line of thought I had when I saw you was "oh hey, that's Jasmine in a super cute sweater...."
    Gurl, you worked that sweater like a model on a runway ;)

    I live here in Huntington so I'm sure we'll run into each other again - I will for sure say hello next time (with introductions as "the creeper" of course).

  5. that breakfast looks delish!!! you two are so cute!

  6. The food looks heavenly!

  7. I love that sleepy picture of you, you manage to still look super cute first thing in the morning.

    the food looks+sounds delish!!

  8. Being stuck in an airport is way more fun when with your sweetie!

  9. That food looks amazing, you two are so cute!


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