21 February, 2011

maybe i should grow my hair long again.

have you seen tangled??

after a crappy day full of bickering about who-knows-what & thank you card writing, levi & i went to see it at the cheap-o theatre near our house last night.

i don't think i'm exaggerating when i say that it might have changed my life.
i might be exaggerating a little.

oh my gosh, i LOVED it. LOVE!!!! i may be slightly obsessed.

when we came out of the theatre, i felt the same exact way i remember feeling when i saw the little mermaid back when i was 7. like the whole world was magical.

yep. i sound like a total geek.

i'm gonna go ahead and just put the nail in that coffin by letting you know that i'm going to see it again this afternoon with my sister at the last theatre nearby that's still showing it in 3D.


this picture may or may not be my new wallpaper on my iPhone....


  1. I loved it, too! I saw it with my best friend from childhood and it was just like we were kids again.

  2. I loved this movie way more than I thought I would, and thought it was magical! Oh, the lanterns! I wanted to do that at our wedding, but instead, we just lit one (which was still magical). I thought the same, though in regards to The Littler Mermaid, and actually wanted to go home and watch that as well. :p

  3. i think you should let your hair grow long (or was that a rhetorical question?)

  4. Oh, I was just kidding about my hair...because Rapunzel has long hair. :)

  5. I LOVED it too! I was super surprised by how much too!

  6. If you're a geek, you're of the best possible kind. One of my favorite things to do on any given Saturday mornings, while my very adult husband plays golf,is to sit in the big middle of our bed, eating pancakes or sugary cereal and watch animated movie with my dog.

  7. I enjoyed it, too, even moreso than Toy Story 3.

  8. I agree. The little mermaid was (& still is) my all time favourite Disney movie. Tangled was the FIRST movie to come even CLOSE to that. I loved Tangled, good old fashion Disney is the best!!

  9. Such a good movie! And I would totally have gone to see it in 3-D too;)

  10. I felt the same way about this movie so your not alone.

  11. I think I had the same feeling. I loved that movie! You better believe that I'm buying it the day is comes out!


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