16 February, 2011

getting dressed: for valentine's day

this is a "his & hers" edition because levi looked WAY too cute on valentine's day. i couldn't possibly keep him all to myself.

i feel so lucky to have a husband with great style. in the past, i had boyfriends who didn't have a clue when it came to dressing themselves. that's all fine and good, but i really like feeling proud when i'm holding levi's hand... it's much better than walking around feeling a little bit ashamed of your boyfriend in the poncho and shorts...





cardigan: from levi's salon
tee-shirt: it belongs to levi...we have no idea where he got it
skirt: bdg from urban
red wedges: qupid from a shop in san francisco
tights: gap
bandana headband: one of levi's bandanas... i think it's from a liquor store
purse: urban outfitters




(that's levi's wedding bow tie!)

cardigan: j.crew
long sleeve button up: h&m
jeans: levi's brand from the store in SF
boots: bed|stü from urban outfitters
hat: the hat box in laguna beach
paisley bow tie: ermenegildo zegna

p.s. levi's going to show the painting behind us at his art show tonight! it's the only one that won't be for sale, but it's still very beautiful to see (that's my birthday painting - the only way i'd sell it is if someone offered me at least $10,000 for it - seriously). if you're local, stop by and say hi! details here.


  1. hot!! those shoes look like they may their own close up...

  2. hahah i love the descriptions of where all of your clothes came from: "one of levi's bandanas... i think it's from a liquor store"
    it's SO much more fun to put an outfit together this way, rather than shopping straight out of a catalog or something.

    hope your first val day as mr&mrs was great!

  3. Love your hair! And love that Levi wears a paisley bow tie. Faaaaaantastic! :)

  4. I'm so excited for Levi's show - wish I could be there! Wish him luck!

  5. You two must have looked adorable together! Love the style!

  6. You have a very stylish hubby...you two are so cute :-)

  7. oh my gosh! god you two are too cute. does levi have a brother? that lives on the east coast??;) im so happy that you seem so happy.


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