28 January, 2013

Three Months


Cecily turned three months old last week!

We didn't do anything to celebrate because she was wiped out all day. She even took a two and a half hour nap on my chest in the bedroom... I didn't think she'd sleep that long. Ha!

At Cecily's last doctor's appointment (on 10 January), she weighed 13 pounds 1 ounce and measured at 24.5 inches long. Her height was in the 95th percentile, weight was in the 70th percentile, and head was in the 50th percentile (as usual).

Cecily sleeps nine hours each night. She usually goes to bed around 11:00 p.m., wakes up around 8:00 a.m., eats, and takes a 1-3 hour nap around 9:00 a.m. (oh, how I wish that nap was more consistent!). She's starting to sleep less during the day now (still frequently but for shorter chunks). Her daytime naps are sometimes only 30 minutes long (ugh), but she has gotten a lot better at putting herself to sleep during the day. She's still awesome at falling asleep on her own at bedtime. She's still sleeping swaddled, but we'll probably start weaning her from the swaddle soon. I'm dreading this, but I'm really paranoid about her learning to roll over while she's swaddled and sleeping (sooooo unlikely, I know).

At three months, Cecily:

• laughs in her sleep.

• HATES hats but doesn't mind headbands.

• has started smiling at and noticing herself in the mirror.

• is getting better at holding her head up but still isn't quite there yet.

• rocks back and forth on her back.

• smiles A LOT.

• talks all the time and mimics us.

• loves when we talk to her and especially loves when Momma speaks her "language."

• works on sucking her thumb constantly. She gets it in there frequently but doesn't like when I try to help her. I think she'll be a true thumbsucker next month.

• is starting to drool a lot. Boooo! I don't like bibs.

• is looking like she will definitely have blue eyes (yay for Momma's genes!).

• still likes hanging out on her changing pad on the bed. She loves to stare at the ceiling fan.

• loves playing on her activity mat.

• has started screaming. In her sleep. When she's mad. When she's really hungry and I switch sides while nursing.

• is pretty great at going out with us and doesn't mind spending all day out of the house, which is a requirement for being my child. ;) This girl spends lots of time at coffee shops and likes to sit on my lap now when we're having coffee.

• is frequently referred to as my "twin." I don't see it, but I love hearing it!

• shakes her head back and forth when she's tired.

• has the most heartbreaking pouty face. Her lower lip trembles, and she sticks it out right before she starts crying. It breaks Momma's heart but makes Daddy laugh.

Cecily's nicknames at three months 
(in addition to last months, which are all still in the rotation):

• princess
• s'muffin
• bunny
• honey toast


  1. This picture looks like it should be in a catalog! I can't believe she sleeps that long. When I have a kid will you come night train them?


    i can't wait to meet the little s'muffin. she's SO BEAUTIFUL. and so are you. :) TWINS.

  3. such a beautiful photo... and seriously, the prettiest baby! she is gorgeous.


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