01 February, 2013


I went to the grocery store tonight without Cecily. I'm not used to being separated from her, and it makes me a little spacey. I knocked over an entire display of crackers. I also told the cashier that I wasn't used to being apart from my daughter. Then my cheeks got all hot, and I swear I felt my eyes pricking with tears. WHAT is wrong with me??

I was sick for the past week even though I wash my hands like a crazy person and regularly avoid sick people. I think I'm better now? Maybe? Hopefully? I've been downing raw honey and cinnamon, and whatever this bug is, it hasn't completely knocked me down yet. I've just been feeling semi-blah. (Btw, I learned that most cinnamon you can buy at grocery stores isn't "real" cinnamon. "Real" cinnamon is called ceylon cinnamon. It's sweeter and is better for you if you're taking it for medicinal purposes. Who knew??)

photo 1
(Sick Momma means lots of snuggle time.)

Cecily hasn't caught it yet (KNOCK ON WOOD), but Levi has had a fever since last night. Poor guy. He couldn't go to work today. It's a bummer.

I've been watching Parks and Recreation non-stop for the past few days. I never thought it was funny until now. I started on season one and am all caught up now... I told you it was non-stop. Leslie Knope 2016!!

Before getting into bed tonight, I leaned over Cecily's crib to check on her. She was sleeping very peacefully. I put my hand on her chest to say good night, and she gave the sweetest little smile in her sleep. And then my heart exploded into 10,000 tiny pieces.

We've been eating at the same Neopolitan pizza restaurant every Monday for the past few weeks. They have a special every Monday night (buy any pizza, get a margherita pizza for free). Their pizza is sooooo good, and their tiramisu is amazing too. It's a mile or two from our house, so we put Cecily in her stroller and walk to the restaurant. It's a beautiful walk near the water, and Cecily usually falls asleep on the way. I don't see myself getting sick of this Monday night tradition any time soon.

Cecily has been holding her arm up with her wrist bent backwards when she eats lately. I thinks it's completely endearing and adorable. I love watching her eat. No one enjoys their food as much as a baby enjoys her milk.


On Wednesday, Cecily projectile vomited about two feet in the air. It looked like a fountain and scared the life out of me. the bed was soaked, and I was covered in spit up. She projectile vomits pretty frequently because of her acid reflux, but it had never been like this before. I was terrified so I called Levi, who was just getting to work, and told him we had to take Cecily to the doctor and to come home right away (yep, I'm a total first-time mom, and I don't even feel a little bad about it). We were able to get an appointment at noon. Cecily was totally fine. Her doctor (who I LOVE, by the way) said she probably just gagged on her spitup so it came shooting out. I felt SO much better knowing that everything was okay, and we ended up having a nice little day as a family down in Newport Beach.

(the puddle of spitup is on the white sheets too - it soaked down through two down comforters to the mattress; sorry for the spitup photo, but it's just milk. ;)

For being such a good girl at the doctor and for working so hard on getting strong neck muscles, we rewarded Cecily with a bumbo. She loves it. Seeing her sit in it is the cutest thing ever.


I'm totally over losing all of my hair. I didn't have that much to start with!! It started at two months post-partum. Please stop soon, hair! Pleeeease. I'm also breaking out like crazy. But I've decided to stop freaking out over these things and just take good care of my skin and hair. Even if it doesn't look the way I want it to.

I found a baby picture of myself the other day, and I couldn't believe how much it looked like Cecily! She makes this face all the time! I think I was around seven/eight months here:


We tried out Cecily's regular stroller seat this week (we've been using her carseat and bassinet so far), and she LOVES it. She doesn't fuss when we strap her in it at all!

I've been following along with She Reads Truth in my daily Bible studies. We're going through a plan called Soul Detox right now, and it's incredible. It's really challenging me in the ways I think and speak.

Today, Cecily and I went to the park to meet up with one of my friends and her 7-month old little girl. Aren't they cute?? They're both wearing headbands from my shop.


Cecily can hardly open her eyes outside. Even in the shade. It's pretty funny. I'm the exact same way. I need sunglasses when it's dark and rainy outside. My eyes are so sensitive to light.

I found a video of myself dancing this week, and it made me kinda sad. I miss dancing a lot. I watched it in bed about a million times and cried that night when I should have been sleeping.

Cecily slept a very peaceful nine and a half hours last night, woke up, ate, stayed up for about 45 minutes, and then we all went back to sleep for another three hours. It was glorious. She's such a great sleeper. And a happy girl.



And that's lately! I love my people. And my life. :)


  1. Ohh my gosh, that photo where she is wearing those striped socks and vogue kicking? Sooooo cute!! AND I too just started parks and rec recently!!! i didn't like it when the pilot came out, now I loooove it!!

  2. I've done that cinnamon and honey thing before when I'm sick, but I didn't know about the real cinnamon thing. I'll have to look into it and try to find some. My friend's daughter projectile vomitted a lot because she also had acid reflux and then they found out she was allergic to something in milk and most formulas and they switched to a uber expensive formula that didn't have it and it all went away. 9 1/2 hours of sleep! Dang, that's awesome. That picture of her big open smile is adorable.

  3. My son is 4 1/2 months old.. I get there hairloss thing.. waaaaaaaa :(


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