28 February, 2013

Four Months



Cecily turned four months old last week. It's all going so fast!

We celebrated the day after because Levi was at work on the 20th. Our celebration included a trip to the pediatrician for Cecily's 4-month well baby visit (yay! ha!) followed by a visit to Fashion Island where we picked up a new dress for Momma at Anthropologie (I only have two outfits that fit at this point - I'm gonna have to actually try if I want to lose the last 22 pounds of baby weight). Cecily didn't do much celebrating because her shots made her sleepy.

This past month has been SO much fun. Cecily is such a happy, social girl and has changed so much. First of all, she's HUGE. At her last doctor's appointment, she weighed 15 pounds 5 ounces (75th percentile) and was 26 inches tall (95th percentile). Her head left the 50th percentile and is now in the 65th. It's because she's so smart. ;)

It looks like we've hit the 4-month sleep regression phase. Unfortunately. Instead of sleeping nine hours straight at night, Cecily only sleeps 6-8 hours now (usually from 12:00-7:00). Eight is if we're lucky. :( But she goes back to bed for her morning nap right after eating and usually sleeps another three hours. I always go back to sleep too. It's really not too bad. Her daytime naps are still pretty short (30-60 minutes), but she's really good at falling asleep for them. I lay her down in her rocker seat in the living room, turn on her Tangled lullaby, and pop her didi in her mouth (she only takes it during the day for a few minutes for naps). We tried weaning her from her swaddle, but she stayed awake in her crib for an hour just talking, kicking, and playing. She definitely wasn't ready. Cecily genuinely loves her swaddle. She smiles and coos when I lay her down to wrap her up. I'm not going to try weaning her again until she starts showing me that she's over it.

At four months, Cecily:

• wants to talk ALL THE TIME. She's happiest when she's having a chat with Momma.

• still hasn't rolled over, but she's getting close!

• is starting to like toys. Pippa the flamingo and Remy the rabbit are her favorites. She doesn't really give a hoot about rattles or balls. She'd rather cuddle and eat her stuffed animals.

• can grab things! She's a very gentle grabber though... for now. She reaches for Pippa, Remy, and Sybil (her musical seahorse). And she just started reaching for her green rattle ball! (I know I said she didn't like balls, but I'm adding this after posting - she just started reaching for her ball the day I posted this.) The sweetest is when she grabs my hand and face.

• isn't as interested in her activity mat as she used to be. She'd rather socialize.

• is starting to really laugh. I act like a crazy person every day trying to get her to laugh. We can usually get her to give a really good laugh once, and then she just squeals for our performances after that.

• loves singing at church. It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life. She uses a different voice from her "talking" voice. She makes it all soft and pretty. It's the sweetest sound I've ever heard. We have a video that I need to upload.

• gets really distracted while eating. She likes to (frequently) stop to look at me, give me a huge smile, say hello. It's pretty annoying... but soooo adorable.

• is very social. She's really great with people, and she has started noticing people across rooms now. She's learning to flirt. ;)

• wakes up really happy.

• straightens her legs and flexes her feet in a pose that I like to call her "Peter Pan legs."

• is very good at holding her head up.

• reaches out for my face and pets it.

• has violet colored eyes. Her eyes have taken awhile to start changing from the newborn grey/blue. Right now, they're a dark blue, purple-y color. Sometimes they look like grape soda. I'd love it if they kept their violet tint!

• likes to gently grab whatever's in my hand (usually while she's nursing). She's especially drawn to my water glass and likes when I let her put the bottom of it in her mouth.

• coos like a dove. Oh, be still, my heart.

New nicknames:

• peanut


  1. i LOVE those 2 photos! they deserve frames :)

    1. :) Thanks, Jenny! Cecily and I are taking a photo together every month for her first year. Then I'm going to put them all in a frame together... I'll have to decide which of these I like best when she turns one!!

  2. She is seriously SO beautiful! And you look pretty glowing yourself, momma :)

  3. I just love your posts about your little one. They're always so positive and sweet.

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty crazy about her so it's easy to be positive. ;)

  4. She's a cutie pie :) it's fun to read because it is like you are describing my Dexter! As for weening off the swaddle http://zipadeezip.com/ - confession I made one very similar- but it worked because he can still move, but it restricts the amount of movement.

  5. All cuteness aside from this 4 month post, I have the same EXACT outfit on from your first picture. Same top from H&M and yoga pants with a pink stripe. Twinsies! Thanks for sharing, Jasmine!

    1. Haha! That's awesome! My tee is from Gap. I looooove the cut. Wish I had bought more when they had them!!

  6. love the photos--especially the first one. amd your little one is adorable. my little girl is a couple of weeks younger then cecily and she loves chatting too :)

  7. Oh, these photos are too cute.
    Jillian - PS, if you have a moment, I'd love to invite you to check out the contest we're hosting for a $50.00 giftcard to Shabby Apple!

  8. these picture of you makes me so happy. you are so beautiful and radiant, i swear. and motherhood looks SOOOOOOO good on you.

    also cecily always makes me happy.

  9. Cute pics indeed! There is a yiddish proverb "When there is peace in the house, a bite suffices." that perfectly suits this narration. Thanks for sharing.

    PS: I found that saying in www.cuteproverbs.com. Try it

  10. Your eyes are GORGEOUS. Miss you and Cecily!


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