04 February, 2013


Tonight we went out to diner with friends. We went to our usual Monday-night pizzeria near our house. We always walk, and Cecily falls asleep on the way and stays asleep through dinner.

We got her dressed up all cute.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

And then we headed out.

photo 3_2

Our two friends were there when we arrived, but Cecily wasn't quite asleep. There was a 40-minute wait though, so the five us decided to walk down to a coffee shop to kill time and help Cecily fall asleep (she likes to sleep on the go).

She fell asleep about 15 minutes into the walk, but when we got back to the restaurant, guess who was up again??! Our table was ready so we all sat down, and Cecily entertained herself by staring at stuff and chewing on her thumb for awhile.


I wanted to get her out of the stroller before she lost it so I laid out her changing pad on the bench and pulled her out. She will happily lay on a bench while we're out at restaurants so everything was great... until I smelled something.

She no longer poops every day so when she does - IT IS SERIOUS. This restaurant is tiny, and only has one bathroom with no changing table. So I laid out a bunch of paper towels on the bathroom floor and put her changing pad on top of it. I laid her down (on top of even more paper towels... I'm telling you - her dirty diapers are serious) and got to work.

Once I was done I looked at the back of her (brand-new, adorable, oh-so-cute) onesie and saw that there was a lovely blob of poo right in the middle of the back. Off that came! I scrubbed it in the sink with water and hand soap as well as I could. Then I dressed her in her tights, shoes, and headband because I didn't take her diaper bag with me to the restroom. I really should have taken a picture. It was hilarious. Everyone was looking at me funny on my way back to our table. We ended up having a clean onesie in the diaper bag so she didn't have to spend dinner naked. I got pizza sauce on that onesie.

By this point, she had been at the restaurant for about 40 minutes, and she was no longer into laying on the bench. So I let her sit in my lap as I somehow managed to eat all of my dinner (with a fork and knife) in about six minutes flat.

Then she decided that it was her turn to eat. So I nursed her in public, which I don't totally love doing. It's fine, but my nursing cover is cumbersome, and we had never been out to dinner with this couple before (they're church friends), so I didn't want to weird them out. Also, Cecily likes to struggle and scream when I nurse her in public. She doesn't like being covered. Dessert came out while I was still feeding her, and that tiramisu was calling my name so I ate while she ate. I don't usually like to do this because food makes me feel sick while I'm nursing.

After eating, she spit up all over both of us.

It was an eventful evening.

But she was a trooper.

She only cried for a total of maybe two minutes, and we were out for about three and a half hours.

And I was a trooper too. I did all of that and managed to have grown-up conversation with our friends (while bouncing a baby on my knee). I felt like Supermom by the end of the night. A very tired Supermom.


  1. Super mom status is awarded to you! Holy cow! You might try using an essential oil to help her poo every day. my sister in law has to use it with all of her kids because they get constipated and then don't want to go to the bathroom because it hurts.

    1. It's actually common for breastfed babies to not go every day. Some only go once every ten days! And it's almost impossible for a breastfed baby to be constipated (or to get diarrhea)! Breast milk is some pretty amazing stuff!!

  2. Super mom indeed! The time I had to change baby Iris on a bathroom floor, it was a Pizza Schmizza - the onesie was sacrificed - I think it was a tad more traumatic - and there was much MUCH more crying (the child AND me). But it is amazing what we do, out of love, and because we have to. To stay sane. YAY for super moms and YAY for dinner out with friends grown-up conversations!

  3. You got further than I would. Autumn is possessed when we go out to eat - and the breastfeeding on top of that! Wonder. Woman! You're amazing.


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