02 January, 2013

Cecily's Christmas Tree

On Cecily's 2-month birthday, 20 December, we picked out a Christmas tree. We had been meaning to get one sooner, but it just kept getting delayed by one thing or another (that one thing usually being taking care of a brand new baby). I actually ended up enjoying getting our Christmas tree later. It kind of helped create the feeling of anticipation that we want to feel before Christmas, like we're anticipating the birth of Christ. Our tree didn't even finish getting decorated until Christmas Eve. Haha! It was a work in progress.

Anyway, we went to our favorite lot around 6:00 p.m., and guess what? IT WAS CLOSED. Like closed for the entire season. On the 20th. Am I the only person that finds this really strange?! Maybe if they hadn't opened the day after Halloween, they could have stuck it out until at least Christmas Eve Eve. C'mon!

So we went to another lot down the street. They didn't have many trees left, but they were open! And we found the perfect tree for Cecily. We'll say she picked it out because I was holding her when I found it. ;)

She was pretty cranky at the lot so we made it a very quick trip. We managed to get some photos though! Not very great photos, but they'll do!

(in her owl hat; she often insists on having her head back like this. I think it makes people nervous because the lady working the lot lifted it up for me. Ha! I promise she's fine though. I always support her neck properly.)


(our perfect little tree for our first Christmas as a family of three!)


(I really wish we had gotten a better photo of the three of us, but Cecily was tired and ready to go home. It's hard to get good photos of all three of us!)

This year, Levi used 1,200 lights on our 6-foot tree. He's the king of Christmas tree decorating. We picked out Cecily's first ornament pretty early in December at Roger's Gardens. That was my first time carrying Cecily in her Moby wrap out in public, and sooooo many people came up to take a peek that day. One little old woman walked straight up to me, pulled the wrap back to see Cecily's face, and said, "Oh, God bless her." It was really sweet, and it cracked me up that she just walked straight up like that. It's funny how so many people want to talk to you when you're carrying a little baby around. Babies bring so much joy. :)

c's ornament


Cecily really likes the tree. Almost every day, I set her rocker seat up in front of it with some music playing, and she just hangs out. Sometimes for an hour, just happily smiling, cooing, talking, and looking around. She usually takes a nap in front of the tree too. She's sleeping in front of it right now!

silly's christmas tree 2

silly's christmas tree 1

We were so happy to be able to give Cecily this beautiful tree for her first Christmas. :)


  1. Too cute! The picture of the 3 of you is perfection! xx

  2. This is such a great post. I'm so happy you're doing this. I love having these memories! Beautifully written. :)

  3. She's so sweet!

    My little sister used to insist on her head back like that too. People used to come up to my dad when he was carrying her and try to adjust her little head. He have to be like "don't touch her! she never sleeps!". She's 26 now and still sleeps all bent over.

  4. What a fun tradition! Also, seeing your car gave me pangs in my heart. I bought a white 1989 Volve 240DL as my first car, and it will forever be my favorite :)

  5. I bet she just loves all the sparkliness of the tree. That ornament is perfet for her, it's beautiful. I've seen other babies that love to have their heads back like that too.


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