10 January, 2013

Christmas Morning and Christmas Day

Okay... I am writing this on 10 July 2013... :\

This was our first year celebrating the twelve days of Christmas (Christmas day is the first day of Christmas), so I got lost in all the photos and overwhelmed by how I was going to break it up. I've been so worried that I would forget everything, but I have a pretty good memory so let's see what we've got here!

Cecily woke up Christmas morning, and instead of doing our typical cuddle in bed for a bit until Cecily falls back asleep, we all got up to go open the presents underneath our Christmas tree! We didn't do stockings this year because I never ended up finding one special enough for Cecily. I really want her to have the same stocking throughout her childhood so it needs to be REALLY good.

^^ walking out to the tree. smile, silly! ^^



We each only got one present this Christmas. It was really fun helping Cecily unwrap her present!



^^ you got me a box? ^^

^^ what is this thing?? ^^

^^ oh cool. it's a fisher price rainforest activity mat! ^^




c's present
^^ i love it! thanks, momma & daddy! ^^

Levi said he felt like such a dad failure because he didn't get batteries for her activity mat. Haha! We got some later in the day and showed Cecily the lights and music. The music and response modes are a little overwhelming to her, but she loves the mellow light on the nature sound setting. I really love the nature sounds too. They're so relaxing and happy!

Then it was our turn for presents! We upgraded our falling-apart iPhones in the beginning of December, but we still wanted to give each other something on Christmas morning so we wrapped the boxes up!

giving presents

opening presents


After presents, we ate this really yummy buttermilk cranberry breakfast cake that Levi made. He prepared the batter the night before from scratch, and we had it fresh out of the oven in the morning. So good. I'm pretty sure it's going to have to become a Myers Christmas morning tradition.

Around lunchtime, we made our way over to my brother's house for Christmas lunch! Cecily fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep in her car seat in the house so we enjoyed our lunch in peace. We had the most delicious French dip sandwiches au jus with twice stuffed potatoes. I could eat that meal once a week. The best.


She also stayed asleep while we opened presents around her!




^^ all that snoozing was probably due to the fact that her headband was too tight... just kidding. but it was too tight; it was my first. i've learned a lot since then. ^^

Cecily got a beautiful dress, a cool ball rattle thingie, and a Baby Einsteins singing radio type thing from her Boppy Chrystal and Uncle Brov, a stuffed schnauzer we call Uli from her Boppy Ivy, and a great set of Disney princess mini board books from her Gram and Hoo. (I think she received some other gifts too... but I can't remember :\ )

Levi and I got lots of really nice presents too, including some hefty Amazon gift cards! We used them to buy the baby carrier we wanted!

christmas day
^^ our only family photo from the day, and she's still sleeping!! ^^

Eventually, Silly Snorkels woke up and hung out with us for awhile.

cecily christmas day 3

cecily christmas day 2

cecily christmas day 1

christmas lunch 5
^^ gotta love the beer bottles and victoria's secret bag behind them! ha! ^^

christmas lunch 3
^^ playing with... something? we can't remember what it was!! i'm sure it was some sort of nerf gun/flying/racing type thing. something for the boys. ^^

christmas lunch 4
^^ gram and hoo ^^

christmas lunch 1

christmas lunch 2
^^ gram reading to wolfie and boppy ivy! ^^

My grandma (Silly's great grandma! Woah!) was there too, but she's not a big a fan of having her picture taken. ;)

After all that activity, Cecily decided that she wanted nothing more than some milk and a cuddle.


And, of course, she fell asleep again!

At home that afternoon/evening, we baked some really awful cookies, ate a roast that had been cooking in red wine in the crock pot all day, watched Love Actually, and Silly fell asleep on me again. The best.

christmas snoozin

A truly wonderful first day of Christmas!


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