24 August, 2009


i want this lamp:

and these plate settings:

i love tord boontje.

i wish he would do more stuff for target (like my pretty breakfast glass) so i could afford it.

p.s. this is how i've always envisioned my wedding:

so magical.


  1. ooooh. I like that wedding idea.

  2. my husband gave me the midsummers night lamp for Christmas....oh how I love it!

  3. Is that light from the MoMA store? It's been sitting in my online shopping cart for months. I want it so badly, but I can't justify the purchase. Maybe a Christmas present to myself?

  4. It's very Narnia...please take that as a compliment. I love Narnia. :) Love the coat, p.s.

  5. haha weddings!!! i just got my wedding dress this weekend! WOOT WOOT! His work reminds me or rob ryan. right right??

  6. oh and p.s. you're not missing anything with mad men. its super frustrating to watch and its really really dirty.


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