10 August, 2009

and it's still going...

i have had the busiest longest weekend ever, and it's still going.

friday - drove up to big bear with my mom, brother, and sister-in-law

saturday - wakeboarded all day, drove home, went to a 2 year old's birthday party at chuck e. cheese immediately after

sunday - woke up very sore and much earlier than i would have liked to have breakfast with our friends dave and melany followed by the angels game

and today, we are going to the beach with one of my best friends, lauren. she is visiting from san francisco, and i am so excited to see her!

sleep can wait.

i'll be back!

enjoy your mondays!


  1. I love weekends when I don't have anything planned so I can be spontaneous - BUT. When it's a good time charlie weekend full of fun, it can also be refreshing!

    Happy Monday to you!

  2. Have a great visit with your girlfriend!!!

  3. Sounds fun! You guys look so cute.

  4. Say hello to Lauren for me!

  5. Hope the beach day was lovely. You two are so perfectly matched and adorable. xoxo

  6. That Levi is the only person I could ever see pulling off a neckerchief.


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