17 August, 2009

sunday dinner

sunday dinner with the family consisted of:

playing farkle (best dice game ever)

hot dogs
corn on the cob
butter love (she's the hunter family dog. butter's short for buttercup)

and to end the evening,
we watched waitress while eating:
banana creme pie
apple pie a la mode

what a great way to start our monday/tuesday weekend!


  1. I love Farkle!! And your pup is so cute- what kind of dog?

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE FARKLE! Please tell me where you found an actual farkle dice shaker? We found the rules for it online once, and we play it all the time. I didn't know that it was a game you could buy though.

    I'm on the hunt!

    Glad your weekend was lovely, by the way. :)

  3. When you mentioned farkle a week or two ago I totally thought it was probably a variation of queefing and even urban dictionaried it. I'm not sure if I'm disappointed or relieved to find out it's a dice game. ;)

  4. *gasps* your brother (i think its your brother) looks like robert pattinson in this pic!!!
    Aw, and Butter reminds me of my Airedale terrier bessie ♥ xx

    ps. darling your information has been given to chickdowntown and your tee should be on its way to you!

  5. your Sunday dinner sounds awesome! and i am totally in love with your dog!

  6. Aww such a cute dog, and Waitress is a great movie!

  7. I love Farkle! I place it on facebook all the time. It is definitely more fun with friends.

  8. you ARE addicted to that movie, yes? i still have not seen it. should i?

  9. Cute post! I love the pooch. Happy Monday! xo

  10. i need to learn about this farkle of which you speak. also... i want pie SO BAD today. you and your family are so cute!

  11. ahhhhhhhhhhh! I can't wait to watch waitress while eating pie one day...I watched marie antoinette when I last had macaroons!

  12. cutest dog!!! looks like my rocky, only with a perm! awesome!

  13. I played farkle with my bf's family last night. only we just call it dice and it has slightly different rules! so fun! and I won :)


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