20 August, 2009


a list:

1. i always cry at musicals. every. single. one.

2. i obsessively use ziploc bags in the kitchen for everything.

3. i hate ketchup. and onions.

4. i didn't start liking avocados til i was 26. i also didn't taste one til i was 26. seriously, what's my problem?

5. when levi forgets deodorant, his armpits smell like sugar (don't you hate him - he never gains weight, and he never smells bad).

6. when i was in fifth grade, i was convinced i would be the first female president of the united states. so i ran for class president and won.

7. i also thought i would be an astronaut.

8. levi wanted to be an architect (he would have been really good at this).

9. i "majored" in architecture in junior college for one semester.

10. i hate scary movies.

11. my first hamster's name was posie. my first fish's name was purple martin's majesty.

12. levi bred and sold pedigreed/show holland lop eared rabbits in elementary school.

13. i once held hands with dennis rodman. he's weird.

14. levi has literally run into (physically bumped into) rasheed wallace, magic johnson, and dennis rodman.

15. when i was in high school, i thought i would be done having kids by now.

16. so did levi.

17. levi and i met at a reeve carney show in LA (they're incredible, btw) a year before we started dating. we talked the whole night. he told a mutual friend i was cute. that guy never told me.

18. one year later, i was dating (hanging out with/making out with) the drummer from the afore-mentioned band when levi and i started dating. it was all very awkward.

19. i said on multiple occasions that i could "never date levi."

20. sometimes i'm really stupid.


  1. Your love story is adorable. Interesting. Adorable.

  2. this is so cute!

    i also hate ketchup and didn't taste the joy that is avocados until i was an adult. weird.

    and i hate scary movies.

    it's fun to learn little things like this about you guys. :)

  3. so cute. it's like a love story compiled of random facts!

    your entries are always short and sweet like this, i love it!

  4. Those last few randoms are so cute. Sometimes life has a funny way of bringing people together, doesn't it? And I'd love to hear the Dennis Rodman story... now THAT sounds random!

  5. i love this list! you've kind of inspired me to make my own :) stay tuned...

    and ps. isn't the way we find love so weird/exciting/awkward/funny/random/fascinating? have a great thursday!

  6. Avocados are my favorite food and isn't it so weird to think about what you thought about the person you're now with? I love your list and I love you! I hope you have a great day :)

  7. I love this list Jasmine. :)
    It makes me happy!

  8. And sometimes, you're hilarious.

  9. i love avocados too! and i didn't know it until just a few years ago.
    the story of how you and levi started dating sounds cute, you should share more!
    what do you want to major in now?
    love your list!
    i'm weird too!

  10. I ADORE REEVE CARNEY! They played a show in Louisiana when they were know as "Reeve Carney & The Revolving Band." The nicest kids ever! I thought Zane was just about the cutest thing I ever saw!

    hah your list made me smile. think i'll go listen to the live at molly malone's cd now.

  11. Hi! I love your list, your other posts, and your down-to-earthness. Rock on!

  12. wait a second... you hate ketchup?

  13. i also thought i would be the first female president :)...i secretly still do.

    ps: you should certainly pay to visit to SLO soon...so much to do there.

  14. I love these little things about you and Levi, it's all kismet, destiny, meant to be. Some might call it coincidence, but I call it faith (that's a line from constant surprises by little dragon - my fav band!). Btw, why on earth would you hold hands with Dennis Rodman!!! Ha!

  15. Kudos on #6! Don't ever call yourself stupid. There are just times our minds wouldn't be working the way we want it to work.

  16. and I forgot, regarding the weight issue, there are occasionally periods when my husband and I pig out, for several weeks at a time. and guess what, he ends up somehow LOOSING 4 pounds, I end up gaining 8. Arghhhhhh!!!

  17. Ok...so my lil' hubs pits do not smell like sugar if he forgets the deo...but, I always tell him that one of the reasons I married him was becuase i LOVED the way he smelled.

    must be one of those pheromone things?...LOL

  18. Dennis Rodman? Do tell...


  19. I will often say I don't like something and my husband will ask "have you ever tried it?"
    So you're not the only one :)
    Great list!

  20. I love this list--I also once said I wouldn't date my husband, and, well... here we are.

    I think my hub smells good and never gains weight as well. Not cool. (Well, cool except that I stink and gain weight... hahah.)

  21. Bahahaha that made me laugh =]

  22. Regarding #4 - I swore that I hated tomatoes until literally 2 months ago, until I started wanting bruschetta CONSTANTLY, ha!

  23. P.S. I got your puzzle today! Thank you so much, dear, and I'm so excited for us to put it together :)

  24. I love this! So cute about you and Levi!!
    Oh, and by the way, Reeve Carney is playing at the Roxy tonight. :)

  25. Ok. You dated the drummer for Reeve Carney? Did you know/meet Ashley Johnson? I believe she & Reeve were dating for some time. Reason I ask is because I kinda/sorta "know" her & her sister. (my brother is friends with them... her sister is my online pen pal)

  26. Just wondering when you are going to run for president...the world needs you!

  27. Holland lops are my favorite bunnies!! I've actually been trying to convince my fiance that we should raise them simply because they're cuddly and adorable and anytime I felt grumpy they'd make me smile. :)

  28. ha! I love this!!!

    btw, I am so the same way with ziplock bags and I NEVER thought I would date my husband...I was a blind idiot!

  29. Remember when you thought he was the father of Colin?

  30. the place where i work, we make avocado popsicles...and they are to DIE for.

    oh and i hate scary movies too. i can't even watch e.t.!

  31. It is a small world isn't it. My brother lives there in LA and I'm all the way over in Michigan. And yet here we are chatting over people we know who know people. Ha! I loved this post of yours by the way and thank you for your lovely compliment regarding my photos. XO

  32. my first fish's name was purple martin's majesty.

    This made me laugh so hard I had to read it aloud to my boyfriend.

    (ps. once I had a fish called Robert Paulson... he died.)

  33. i hate scary movies too! i cant sleep for weeks after seeing one! i actually haven't seen one for seven years and i plan to continue so!

  34. aw, i really love this post. i always cry at musicals too.

  35. what a sweet love story! when you named your first fish purple martin's majesty, it was destined that you would be a very creative person and blogger. :)

    thanks for your kind words on my blog!

  36. Dennis Rodman? For the Love! I mean really...

    And I'm glad you hate scary movies. Me too. And if I ever get forced into watching one...which I have. I end up really pissed and tend to act out in violence...kidding...sorta.

  37. this is a really cute story.

  38. I just came across your blog and I love it!

    This is really cute as well. I especially love your first fish's name, it made me laugh out loud!


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