12 August, 2009

sheer terror and mark twain

this is a video of me about to wakeboard for the first time.

i don't know if i can properly describe my terror, so i'm showing you. i was mainly afraid of getting run over by a boat after falling.

watch for my mouth to do really weird quivery things and for my lamaze breathing. listen for my mom laughing at me almost the entire time.

(there's a transcription under the video in case you can't understand what i'm saying.)


jasmine riiiight before video starts: it's freezing
zachary: you'll get warm
chris: you'll get warm in just a second
chrystal: stay in the ball
chris: that is perfect
mom: laughing at jasmine
jasmine: okay. is this a shorter rope or are we still doing the long rope? (i wanted a shorter rope because it wouldn't be so far away from the boat)
chris: that's the long rope
everyone: laughing at jasmine
chris: i could give you the shorter rope, but it's lost some padding on the handle, and it may hurt your hands
jasmine: okay, forget it
chris: that's good
jasmine: the board's under the water!! that's not good!!
everyone: laughing at jasmine
chris: explaining something
jasmine: there's....like a....mark twain boat coming
mom: laughing at jasmine

the end.

p.s. i totally almost started sobbing after i got farther away from the boat.

p.p.s. i totally stood up the very first time and ended up being pretty decent. i kept wanting to take another turn. i will definitely go wakeboarding again.


  1. ahhh ♥ bless
    that was wonderful!! haha you poor thing! But I am glad you stood up and did pretty well! Love wake boarding and water sports to much!!

  2. heheheh....my kids were watching your video with me....they were like wha? I wanted to see her standing up and how she did....heheh.
    I think you are totally hillarious. I did the same thing only it was more funny because when my dad finally sped the boat up, the power of the water pulled down my bikini....tres embarrassing. I let go super quickly and went back under the water to pull everything back where it should go. I think a one piece would have worked better for me....aaaaaaack. xo

  3. Hahahaha Thank you for making my day! Hahahahaha I am totally laughing with you, not at you, because I've been there and was the exact same way... except I didn't stand up and was a complete ungraceful, embarrassing mess. Way to conquering your fears AND standing up your first time!

  4. i'm glad you liked it... eventually. it's a great water sport :)

  5. so proud of you for mastering your fear! i've never tried wakeboarding before... i always chicken out. maybe next time i will!

  6. i LOVE wakeboarding! good job on your first try

  7. ha ha....the mark twain comment is the best!

  8. the bottom line is that at least you didn't eat it. right? if anyone asks, your a total pro now.

  9. Too funny.. but did they get a video of you up?? I would love to see it

  10. mark twain! hahaha! that is fabulous.

  11. i got your comment finally ... loved the mental picture of you digging through the trash for an empty soda can...

  12. that is awesome! I would have been much worse than you...

  13. hahaha!

    this is so funny, you are silly, I love it.

  14. HAHA! sorry for laughing but you are so funny (: and your moms laughter in the background made me crack up! I'm glad you were so brave though! and I was kinda looking forward to seeing you in action! maybe next time (: xx

  15. hahahahahaha

    mark twain boat coming!!!!

    love your voice!

  16. The transcript made me laugh, but I can't watch the video while I'm at work...so any actual comments will have to wait.

    Way to conquer a fear! You are inspiring.

  17. Haha, this is sooo adorable! Love it.

    Be sure and pop by and leave a note! :)


  18. That made me laugh! really cute. I havent been wakeboarding before..im scared!

  19. Hahaha! You are so cute. I loved that video. I would be freaking out because of fish in the water with me. :)


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