23 August, 2009

and as it turns out....

....levi did not kill me (or yell at me) for this.

and he didn't kill me or yell at me for the gorgeous skirt (certainly not as expensive. in fact, it was a pretty good price) that i purchased yesterday.

he's the best.

i just get nervous clothes shopping since it's been a pretty long time since i've really done any. i'll get over it.

on a completely unrelated note, look at the picture of tiny baby levi & big sister merry that levi's dad emailed me last night:

ohhhhh! he was even cute when he was a wrinkly little baby.

our weekend officially starts at 3:00 pm today.

our goal for the weekend is to find a couch! wish us luck!


nicole mountz said...

ohh i love baby pictures! he's so adorable! what's crazy is i thought that little girl was you at first! good luck finding a couch dear and enjoy your weekend!

Ivy said...

If you guys go to IKEA, call me!

Unknown said...

awwww, Levi was so adorable! :) And I hope you have a wonderful, sofa-filled weekend, hehe. I'm just trying to survive in this heat.
Be sure and pop by & leave a note!!


Adele said...

HAHA! (: awww! All the best with couch hunting! It's the most important piece of furniture that makes a home (; And levi is great for being so kind and not yelling at you (: ps: Shopping is absolutely necessary from time to time!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Awww so cute!

I'm glad you didn't get in trouble! :)

And looks like I'll be meeting you soon yay! Any ideas for dinner? I am apparently the planner lol!

Maddie said...

aw, i love baby pictures! that's too cute. i'm happy for your purchase, i think it's darling. i need to get crackin on my own fall/winter wardrobe. i really can not wait!~

meg fee said...

oh oh oh, i can't wait to see the couch you find!

and yes, i think you snagged a very, very good one!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Hope you found a couch! And hopefully it looks like the one in the pic from 1980, yeah! As for the shopping, you should totally NOT feel bad if you haven't done it in awhile...enjoy!!!

Euna said...

simply adorable~

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