04 August, 2009

it must be that time again

you know that time where you're really hungry all the time...except for the times when you're mysteriously not?

and that time when you're maybe a little bloated?

and that time where you're really moody and you want everyone to leave you alone?

and that time where everything makes you cry???

i cried 6 times yesterday. i'm sorry. i should say: i wept 6 times yesterday.

these were the things that brought me to tears:

1. watching this video with levi. and then again watching this. balling. i wouldn't let myself watch the rest of them.

2. when i stubbed my toe.

3. during the retarded fight over fishie crackers that i picked with levi.

4. during the preview for the time traveler's wife at the movies.

5. during the opening credits of (500) days of summer when they played us by regina spektor.

6. on the way home from the movies thinking about when regina played us at the concert last week and remembering the ad for the time traveler's wife again.

sheesh. i'm a wreck.

(p.s. didn't love the movie. i'm not even sure i liked it. i kinda had to let go of my principles just to enjoy it for what it was and keep from getting irritated. i did, however, LOVE the soundtrack.)


  1. hi welcome to hormones. this is my life. . .

  2. I know exactly how you feel. This week isn't even my week (that is next week) but I feel like I have lost my mind. I have cried so many times that my eyes were almost swollen shut this morning!

    I have fought with my fiance for a solid 3 days over nothing. GRRR!

  3. Dear You: How about ASPCA commercials? It does not matter if I even see them. I know they exist and the thought of seeing them on a television screen moves me to tears. You're tenderhearted. That's endearing and wonderful!

  4. Hmm.. I don't know if I will bother seeing 500 days of Summer. Any movie that you have to let go of your principles to enjoy just doesn't sound worth it.

  5. I keep hearing negative things about this movie, which breaks my heart! I so want to love it, and am afraid that will not be the case... either way, I think I'll wait for it to be released to DVD before I watch it. :(

  6. i love that your label is "emo" -- i am a huge crier... all the time though.

  7. Wow those videos are amazing!! I just love the idea!!

    Aw, I always pick a fight with Mat at that time of the month.
    Not this month though!!
    I lost a family member and had my little friend come all at the same time so I was a big emotional wreck.

  8. i completely understand.

  9. I TOTALLY have had days like this. But sometimes I find its good to get it out!

    Stopped by for the first time today, you and Levi are ridiculously adorable! Look forwarding to reading more! :)

  10. I hold major resentment toward that movie, and don't really know why. Maybe because Regina and breakups are the things tears are made of? Maybe because I kind of wanted to punch Zooey Deschanel in the face? I'm sorry you're so weepy and monthly. I'll be joining your ranks next week. Oh joy. I do, however, kind of think it's cute that you picked a fight over fishie crackers.

  11. Those videos just made me cry as well!
    I cry way too often, but I don't mind it.

  12. hey, that sounds like my week!
    hang in there :)

  13. I am totally going through this right now too :(

  14. I heard that about that movie too...I still want to see it though and omg so excited for the time traveler's wife! I cried like a baby when reading it and know that I am going to be a mess when I see it.

  15. Everything in my life was off last week.

    And then, this week, I realized why.

    I hate that time. SO, so much.

    I still want to see that movie, but I haven't heard good things about it... oh well. I hope things feel better for you soon, Jasmine!

  16. BWAHAHAHA i was such a wreck last week due to our little friend as well, i even wrote about it to, i guess it made me feel better. i had an even better reason to cry, i cried b/c i couldn't control my crying. HAHA. pms is the most annoying pointless thing ever.

  17. :) you totally just described my day! Well, except for the awesome concert. and the movie... :)

  18. boo for unpredictable mood swings...also, have you read the book Time Traveler's Wife yet? Because if you haven't, and you cried at the trailer for the movie...oy vey. Brace yourself for the book, girlie.

  19. Just a little advice.
    DO NOT watch the documentaries "The Bridge" or "Dear Zachary" during this time.
    I planned it all wrong and was a sobbing mess.

  20. Sometimes I get totally bat shit crazy and I don't even have my bleeding guts to blame it on.

    So... I like to pretend that I have an emotional trashcan (it lives by the appendix) and sometimes the trash needs to be taken out. Crying is the only way to take the trash out.


  21. i read the time traveler's wife. loooved it. oh, i'm jealous you got to see regina spektor in concert.

  22. I totally know how you feel. It's such a pain sometimes, but just try and think as i do, if you don't suffer the bad times, you can't enjoy the good times.
    Good Luck! :)


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